Our Waters are but Ebb


crossing the red seaOnly the Ebb

“Oh that we could breathe out new hope, and new submission, every day, into Christ’s lap! For certainly a weight of glory well-weighed, yea increasing to a far more exceeding, and eternal weight, shall recompense both weight and length of light and short-dated crosses. Our waters are but ebb, and come neither to our chin, nor to the stopping of our breath. I may see (if I borrow eyes from Christ) dry land, and that near; why then should we not laugh at adversity, and scorn our short-born and soon dying temptations. ”

Samuel Rutherford {Covenanter}, Unknown

The above Quote is one that gives hope for those like me that are on a journey . I think some mornings that I don’t want to even get out of bed. When I think of what I have to do in my day it can be sort of draining.  My daily routine of getting up at 4:30 each morning, going to a job I don’t believe in (childcare, teaching) and having to deal with the world and all its misguided ways. It makes me realize how I do not belong here. This is not my home. This industrialized  anti-christ system is meant to make you fail. It is meant to take you and turn you into a slave for the purpose of serving its master.

One cannot be content in a situation that one does not belong. Your heart will always call you to what is true, what is right.  God places the desire in a heart that belongs only to him, not the world. You can’t serve God and be a slave of the world. You need to make a decision to depart from the system that has and is corrupting your mind. Some say you need to stay and be a light to the world. How can you be a light if you are not free and still inslaved to the world. We are called to be free, to not be in bondage to man. A true witness is one who separates from evil who comes away from that which corrupts our mind and keeps us from the true intent of God.

I don’t enjoy the things of the world like I used to. I find myself rather loathing having to depend on man for my needs. I want to put my trust in God for all things. I can depend on Him and know that He knows my needs and whats best for me. I can trust that what ever happens, happens by his authority not mans. Mans ways only seek the interest of himself , not the interest of others even though he may state the opposite. My heart calls out to God to only seek his ways, His truth.

I right this not because today was a bad day , but because it is another day in which I am still a slave. A slave that is on her way to freedom. A slave that is leaving Egypt and  and its pharaohs behind. 

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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