Seasons of counting costs



Lonely Autumn Path Photographic Print by Robert Cattan

It seems like it never happened.  But yet it did. It was a life time ago. I said the words…. Do what ever it takes Lord. Those words still come to mind each time my life makes it way on yet another path towards truth.

I didn’t know back then what it meant for me to say, “whatever Lord”. I know I meant them but had no idea what was in store for me. It was immediate. My world changed completely. My family was wondering who kidnapped the real me. Little did they know this was the real me. The me God intended.

My family could not handle the change. I was not the same person. I didn’t almost recognize myself. My mind didn’t think the same. I gave up drinking, smoking and drugs all in a night. My mind was full of excitement at the new and wonderful truths I was learning. With all that was happening to me I could see my family and all my friends pulling away. It didn’t happen overnight. It took time as they thought that I would come around and come to my senses. I didn’t look back. I kept going forward I was beginning to see why you have to count the cost.

The people that I fellowshiped with became my friends in which I had many. Well at least until I made a choice to walk away from them as there teaching became rather out there in left field somewhere.  They were upset as I was one of them for a long time. I knew something was very wrong. Then the Lord led me to another fellowship. This fellowship was so different. It was like stepping back in time and having a taste of what I thought the new testament church was like. It was very real to me. This fellowship helped me in my journey. I can see how God used it. This was a hard fellowship to leave as I cared for them and still do. But their Doctine was still not right according to scripture so we had to leave. It has been 4 months or so since I left. In the mean time God has been showing me the true Gospel and right doctrine at which I recommend highly.

 Again if your heart is stayed on the Lord then you must do and act on what He is calling you to. Here I am again, counting the cost. You have to be willing to give up everything! To give up your very life if need be.

I can see how the Lord has put me on different paths. He has guided me where really I would have been to scared to go otherwise. His path is a sure path. It is straight and narrow. Not many will find it as the cost is to great for them. Giving up worldly possessions. Giving up family and friends.  Giving up your own will. It could cost you everything! (thinking of Job here)

Different seasons, different paths. He is faithful to finish what He has started in me. This journey I am on could end at anytime. I want to be found faithful. This final path (except bodily death) leads me finally to a path of separation. A path where I will trust my God with EVERYTHING!  

A new season will begin soon. An all new espisode! Stay tuned!

Harvesting with the Sickle in an English Corn-Field Before the Introduction of Reaping Machines Giclee Print by Birket Foster


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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One Response to Seasons of counting costs

  1. Brandi says:

    Hi Debylin!

    I know you! I have actually visited your blog several times, courtesy of Kris’ website! I love reading your posts and about your journey toward separation.

    Oh my, you are soooo welcome to join in my giveaways! It doesn’t matter that you live in Canada…that is a non-issue! I would love to see you enter! The current one is open until midnight tonight…another will start on Monday.

    I’m so glad you visited…hope to see you again!

    Have a blessed evening!


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