Country of Light, City of Darkness

Beauty with a side of reality. The pictures below are the city in the country where I live. It is called that due to it very country look yet is classified as a city. (an aside, looks really can be deceiving) The Lord lead me here for a purpose and I really feel that the purpose it’s at its end. The beauty here is incredible yet with all its beauty it has the highest crime rate in Canada. There is such a contrast when you look with the eyes, you see light and so much colour. When you look with the spirit you see such darkness! The Lord in His mercy brought me here to teach me and you could say grow me up! As a single mom I struggled with many things and one being self esteem and what the world calls its self worth. In the past few months I have found that my worth is only in Christ. My self esteem likewise. I am nothing without my Lord. I am dung, useless and dead with out Him. My life purpose is to Glorify Him and Him only. I have no value to the world nor am I interested in what the world has to say about me. If I live to glorify my God, the world will not like me. Some will tolerate me, some will try to change me. Most will think I am strange or weird. That’s okay. My purpose is not to be a people pleas-er. I choose to walk according to the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am called as a true believer to suffer, to live with tribulation, and to live a life of simplicity. I am not called to live a life in submission to the world or live to be a consumer of its wears. I am not called to live a prosperous life of material wealth of luxuries. I am called to live as Christ lived. To live depending on Him for all my needs. If I have everything here, why would I look forward to heaven? If I have it all here, the big house, big car, pool, every gadget possible. Then I am not walking according to the word. I am walking according to the world and its ways. God said come out of the world. Come out of her and be separate. We are not to look like the world or have dealings with the world like other world-lings.  And yet so many do! Do they not take serious the words of out Lord? Do they Love the things of this world more then obediance to the God who said to walk out your salvation with Fear and Trembling. Why spend our lives trying to look like, act like, be like and live like those perishing. What makes us stand out? What makes us different? Our lives are fleeting, this world will pass away and all its stuff. Choose this day whom you will serve. God or mammon!

Please read the following Post at Process Driven life.  It is called :

Separatism as a Fundamental Principle of Christian Agrarianism, Part 1 – A
Posted by Michael Bunker

When you are finished with Part1-A please move on two the second one.  Part 1-B

You can just click the link on my side bar to take you there. Then scroll down and you will see the post. Hopefully this will open your eyes to see the deception that is all around you!

So for now take a stroll with me to the places of Beauty where God has blessed me to live for a brief time.

Mill lake park at sunset.

Mill_lake_at_dusk by you.

Another of Mill lake

Mill_Lake_by_Andrew_Friesen by you.

Our Library

Library by you.

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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1 Response to Country of Light, City of Darkness

  1. Danielle says:

    Wonderful job Debylin! It is sad the way I was deceived for so long. Then the Lord started slowly showing me all the deception in my life. Self love, pride, idols, etc. Living the way the Lord intended is so much more joyful and fulfilling everyday. I used to think giving up the idols in my life was going to be difficult but the more my love of the Lord grew the easier it was to turn my back on those things. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace! Reforming Daily, Danielle

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