Please Mommy, Don’t Go !

crying toddler

Each day I go to work and each day I think the same thing and sometimes I have verbalized it to some of my co-workers. My job should not be in existence! I work at the moment at a daycare/after school program. I gave up working at the school district for a bit as I just couldn’t take the politics. Each day I witness screaming, gut wretched crying and fear as moms leave there little ones in the arms of a stranger. These children who only want their moms, who only need their moms are forced to particpate, forced to share their lives with other children and strangers that other wise would not be in their lives. There is one particular child who each day does the same thing. With outstretched hands she with all her might tries to pull herself free from the hands of a stranger  and calls out please mommy don’t go! Now I find out this child’s mom is pregnant with another child  which will also be in the same situation as the mom is a single mom.

There is a terrible creature about that is called greed, selfishness and pride. This creature has created problems since  before Adam and Eve left the garden. This creature won’t stop at anything to destroy families, countries and Nations. It comes in many forms.

It comes to all of us. It can come in the form of excuses,  selfish desires, lust of the mind or the flesh. What does this creature want? It wants you to put your material needs before others. It wants you to think that you are doing things out of love yet only hurt and destroy the other. It wants to deceive you into thinking that it is the norm and everyone is doing it so it’s okay.

The World has forgotten it main purpose. It has forgotten about what family really is. A family is not a unit that only comes together at maybe meal times. A family is not something that is there to take you out and spend money on in order to show you affection. A family is not building of a kingdom or empire in order to leave it to your children. A family is a unit that builds together. The unit acts as one, growing together, learning together.

God had a purpose for the family unit. This shows how far we have really departed from it.

The First Society

“The great Author of our nature, who has made us sociable creatures, has instituted various societies among mankind, both civil and religious, and joined them together by various bonds of relation. The first and radical society is that of the family, which is the nursery of the church and state. This was the society instituted in Paradise in the state of innocence, when the indulgent Creator, finding that it was not good for man, a sociable creature, to be alone, formed a helpmeet for him, and united them in the endearing bonds of the conjugal relation. From thence, the human race was propagated; and, when multiplied, it was formed into civil governments and ecclesiastical assemblies.”

Samuel Davies, The Necessity and Excellency of Family Religion, in The Godly Family, p.1

Did Central Heating Ruin the Family?

“Our conception of the family is grounded more in modern American individualism [or British] than in the word of God. We tend to see ourselves by ourselves. Our identity is personal more than familial. Families are a hindrance to the pursuit of freedom. They involve sacrifices and compromises (Andrew Lytle argued that the American [or British] family was destroyed not by Hollywood or Washington [Westminster], but by central heating. Before its advent, families stayed together by the fire. You could either have peace and warmth, or bicker and be cold.)”

R.C. Sproul Jr., Family Practice

“Masters in their houses ought to be preachers to their families, that from the highest to the lowest they may obey the will of God”

The Geneva Bible, 1560, commented on Genesis 17:23

Motherhood – A High Calling Indeed!

“Be it yours to nurse with more than a vestal’s watchfulness, the sacred flame of our virtue now so smothered. Your task is unobtrusive; it is performed in the privacy of home, and by the gentle touches of daily love. But it is the noblest work which mortal can perform for it furnishes the polished stones (godly children), with which the temple of our liberties must be repaired. We have seen men building a lofty pile of scupltured marble, where columns with polished shafts pointed to the skies, and domes reared their arches on high, like mimic heavens. They swung the massive blocks into their places on the walls with cranes and cables, with shout and outcries, and hugh creaking of the ponderous machinery. But these were not the true artisans: they were but rude labourers.

The true artists, whose priceless cunning was to give immortal beauty to the pile, and teach the dead stones to breathe majesty and grace were not there. None saw or heard their labours. In distant and quiet workrooms, where no eye watched them, and no shout gave signal of their motions, they plied their patient chisels slowly with gentle touches, evoking the forms of beauty which lay hid in the blocks before them.

Such is your work; the home and fireside are the scenes of your industry. But the materials which you shape are the souls of men, which are to compose the fabric of our church and state. The politician, the professional man, is but the cheap, rude, day labourer, who moves and lifts the finished block to its place. You are the true artists, who endue it with fitness and beauty; and therefore yours is the nobler task.”

R.L. Dabney, Unknown


“[God] calls them his… They belong to him by covenant; they have been solemnly consecrated to his service; and what, will you not bring them up for him, to whom you have thus solemnly consecrated them?”

Benjamin Wadsworth (Puritan), The Well-Ordered family, p.?

Fathers are sovereign over the training of their children and, with their wives, are the children’s chief teachers. Christian parents are bound to obey the command personally to walk beside and train their children. Any approach to Christian education ought to recognize and facilitate the role of fathers and mothers as the primary teachers of their children. (Deut. 4:9; 6:6ff.; Ps. 78:3-8; Prov. 1:8; Eph. 6:4; )

That truth – that it is our duty to do all we can to pass “forward a generation better than ourselves” – is one we most desperately need to recover. We need to think ‘generationally’, we need to see the raising of children as a high and noble calling, we need to see children as a blessing and thus desire to have more than just a few, and we need to see that this is one of the chief ways that the Lord chooses to build his Kingdom. Packing our kids off to ‘Christ-haters’ and a humanistic curriculum – not to mention the numerous other problems with the state education system – will become unthinkable for those who really grasp these truths by the Spirit of God – for none of us know any truth aright but by the gracious Spirit of God instructing us.


These are some of my thoughts and views on this issue.  I know what I have written to be true. I to was a single parent. I to was selfish, prideful and greedy. I wanted the best for my children… Or did I ? I stayed at home for a while when they were very young. They did not see a daycare. But I did however send them to an anti-christ system school, where they learned  more the teachings of the world that later proved to be a hinderance in their lives. I Know that I failed them in this area and in many areas as well. But God in His great mercy has shown me what I have done. And it is in this that I write my Please Mommy blog.  If you are anything like me, you learn from your mistakes. I have learned. I can’t go back and change things. Yet I can open some eyes to see what God wants for His own and their children.  Gods standards are higher, nobler and are precious to those who are called by His name.

Your child will be a reflection of what is put before him or her. I don’t know about you, but I sure would have liked my son’s reflection to be that of Christ. Can’t get any better then that.


Blessing Debylin


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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One Response to Please Mommy, Don’t Go !

  1. Brenda says:

    Excellent post, well said! Maybe even some of your Christian readers will be convicted and do what’s best for their children. I know what you’re going through, because I was a daycare provider in my home years ago, when as a single mom I needed to bring in an income while looking after my own children. I guess I was part of the problem in offering these women a place to leave their children. I, too, had to deal with the frantic cries of broken-hearted children who longed to be with their moms. Most of those women wouldn’t have to work if the families were willing to sacrifice their materialistic lifestyles. For others, it wasn’t a financial issue, but one of “personal fulfillment”, which is a euphemism for selfishness. Sorry, I’m on a rant, but I share your pain and frustration. The only good thing is knowing that these children are blessed to have a godly woman like yourself to try to comfort them.


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