Exodus from Egypt


Don’t you know that we live in a foriegn land as though strangers and sojourners: St. John Chrysostom

 Moses was a type of Christ. He came in order to deliver Israel out of slavery and bondage. It was a difficult task. The people themselves didn’t really want to leave, Pharoah didn’t want them to leave. Israel didn’t want slavery or bondage and yet were afraid of the unknown. They knew this life, could depend on it each and every day. They were enslaved to Pharoah to make his city, to make him rich.  They were a slave to fear. They waited for a saviour. He came. Moses with the power of God led the people out of Egypt. Many people grumbled and wanted to go back. They didn’t like having to depend on God for their needs. Many died during the 40 years in the desert. Many turned their backs on God.

and, behold, it is a stiffnecked people; obstinate and self-willed, resolute in their own ways, and will not be reclaimed, inflexible and not subjected to the yoke of the divine law; a metaphor taken from such creatures as will not submit their necks or suffer the yoke or bridle to be put upon them, but draw back and slip away; or, as Aben Ezra thinks, to a man that goes on his way upon a run, and will not turn his neck to Him that calls him, so disobedient and irreclaimable were these people.

Exodus is needed today. We live in a type of Egypt. We are in bondage too. Many don’t want to leave this place. Pharoah today is still reigning. He doesn’t want us to leave as well. We are still making the powers that be rich.

Why would God want us to leave? Why can’t we just stay here and live amongst the Egyptians?

Christ came to set us free. Free from bondage and slavery. Christ came to once and for all, choose a people just for himself. He came and gave us the ability to come out from among them. He gave us and gives us a desire to separate from Egypt. Those that won’t are those that still belong to Egypt or does not yet know this truth.

 Exo 14:20 – And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel,…. That is, the pillar of cloud, and the Angel of God, or Jehovah, in it, whereby the camp of Israel was secured from being annoyed by the camp of the Egyptians; and was an emblem of the gracious interposition of Christ between his spiritual Israel, whom he has redeemed by his blood, and their spiritual enemies, the Egyptians, the men of the world that hate them, from whose rage and malice Christ is their protection and safeguard:

 The World (Egyptians) cannot see the truth. God has blinded their eyes.

and it was a cloud and darkness to them; to the Egyptians; it cast a shade upon them, and made the darkness of the night still greater to them, so that they could not see their way, and knew not where they were:

God has given His own eyes to see the truth.

but it gave light by night to these; to the Israelites, so that they could see their way, and walk on in the midst of the sea, as on dry land; and such a light and guide they needed;

The Targums of Jonathan and Jerusalem say, that half the cloud was light, and half darkness; and it seems plain from the account, that that side of it which was towards the Egyptians was dark, and that which was towards the Israelites was light, and so an hinderance to the one and a benefit to the other: thus Christ is set for the rising of some, and the fall of others; and his Gospel is to some the savour of death unto death, and to others the savour of life unto life; to the one it is a hidden Gospel, and lies in darkness and obscurity, and to others a great and glorious light:

As children of the most High, we are called to separate from the world. We are not to come near to them (Egyptians) or (worldlings).

so that one came not near the other all the night; an emblem of that division and separation which the grace of God, the blood of Christ, and the light of the Gospel, make between the true Israel of God, and the men of the world; and which will continue throughout time, and to all eternity, so that they will never come near to each other; see Luk_16:26

Moses went in to talk with God about the people of Israel as he had concerns about them.

Exo 34:34 – But when Moses went in before the Lord to speak with him,…. Went into the tabernacle to converse with God, to pray unto Him, and inquire about any matter of difficulty respecting the people of Israel he was concerned for, which he often did:

This again is a type of Christ. Christ prayed for the ones that God gave Him.

Luk 22:32 – But I have prayed For thee,…. Christ prayed for all the apostles; but particularly for Peter, because he was in the greatest danger: whether the prayer Christ refers to was that in Joh_17:1 in which are many passages relating to the preservation, sanctification, final perseverance and glorification of the apostles, as well as of other saints, as in Joh_17:9 and so these words might be spoken a little after that prayer was ended, which was about this same time; or whether it was any other, and only mental, and not vocal, is not certain: however, the petition was, that thy faith fail not; Satan in  temptations strikes principally at the faith of God’s people; that being a grace which gives much glory to God, and in the exercise of which believers have much peace, joy, and comfort; both which he envies and grudges; and it is also a shield which keeps off, and quenches his fiery darts, and is a piece of armour he is sadly harassed with, and therefore endeavours all he can to weaken and destroy it, or wrest it out of their hands: but though, through the power of sin, and the force of temptation, it may fail as to some degree of the steadfastness of it, as to the acting and exercise of it, and as to the sense believers may have of it; yet never as to its principle, it being an irrevocable gift of God’s grace; a work of His almighty power; a solid and substantial grace, even the substance of things hoped for; an immortal and for incorruptible seed, and of which Christ is the author and finisher; and to nothing more is its security owing, than to the prayers of Christ, which are always heard, and to His powerful mediation, and prevalent intercession; Christ is the advocate of His people; he Prays that they might have faith, and then he prays, that it may not fail; and it shall not, notwithstanding all the opposition of hell, and earth, unto it:

Truth will set a man free, truth will open eyes, truth will draw a man away from the world. Truth that is place in a chosen vessal will be given the ability and the desire to come out of Egypt.

he took the vail off until he came out: and so when men are truly converted, and turn to the Lord, the vail of darkness and unbelief is removed, and the true light shines, in which they see things in another light than they did before; and when they come into his presence, they come with hearts opened and unveiled, all things being naked and open to Him with whom they have to do; and particularly saints under the Gospel dispensation, with an open face, as in a glass, behold the glory of the Lord; and when they get to heaven, they will then see face to face, and know as they are known, 2Co_3:16

Christ knows those who belong to Him. He has chosen them before the foundations of the world.  I look forward to the day when I can truly come out of Egypt. My husband and I are , while still here, read as much as we can about Homesteading and living a biblical agrarian life. We as well read blogs and listen to sermons about Agrarianism. God has called us out. Our part now is preparing and gaining knowledge about what we can expect. God will continue to guide us (be our piller of light) and continue to grow us in Him. I give God all the Glory for revealing His truth to us. He has placed the truth and desire within us. ALL we have done is be obediant to His calling.  

that ye should not be their bondmen; this was the end of their being brought out of Egypt, that they might be no longer in a state of bondage to the Egyptians, nor to any other, but to serve the Lord their God, by whom they were delivered; as those who are redeemed by Christ from worse than Egyptian bondage, from sin, Satan, and the law, are redeemed, that they might not be the servants of any, but be a peculiar people.peculiar people zealous of good works to serve the Lord Christ:

Passages starting in Blue, were taken from Gill commentary. And scripture taken from the Geneva Bible.
Blessing Debylin


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The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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1 Response to Exodus from Egypt

  1. Brenda says:

    Thanks for this excellent post! It’s important to share the writings of godly men from the past, so we can learn from the light that God gave them. This opened up those scripture verses in a fresh way for me, regarding the application to the Lord’s TRUE Church and our mandate to come out of Egypt. I appreciated your comments, also. It’s true that coming out of Egypt is a process. In my experience, the Lord has shown me some of what it means to come out, and then as time goes on, He shows more of what’s involved, resulting in a further coming out. By the way, I like your new header picture and new title–very appropriate! Hope all is well with you and your husband.


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