Paring down




pare down – decrease gradually or bit by bit


minify, decrease, lessen – make smaller

In the last few weeks even after our move to a much smaller place, I have been paring down even more. I had thought that I got rid of many things when we moved from a 3 bedroom large home to a one bedroom rather small basement suite. Gradually I have decreased even what we do have now. There are many things that I now longer wear or use. I have given away 50 percent of my shoes, those that were high heals. This is due to my modest dress lifestyle now which I believe  is how women are to dress according to scripture. I have given or sold all jewellery, even our wedding rings. Weddings rings are not christian and come from a pagan origin in which my husband and I do not want to participate in. I had to give away or throw out most of my wardrobe as I dressed like most women who if they really thought about it look like your going to a night club  every day. ( very sleazy) Dishes were sent to thrift stores along with anything that I was not using in the kitchen. Why keep things that are only nice to look at but never use. I am learning to live simply.  I like not being cluttered.  If my husband and I end up living in a trailer for a while then there is going to be a real paring down.  I have kept a few things that were given to me by friends or family. (very few)

Life isn’t about owning things because in the end the things own you. Living a life of simplicity is  not holding on to tight to the things of this world. I know we need certian things in order to live and thats fine. But its when we become consumers and we need to buy and we need to have this or that. Then we have a problem. Its funny how we can talk ourselves into believing we need something when we don’t.  God provides us with all we need to be content.  

I used to be quite a consumer. In fact it was what made me happy. Sometimes I think that it could be religion as this is what makes many people happy and what they live for. The consumer religion. When you see a parking lot at the mall or walmart full all the time, sure makes you think that this is what life is all about for many. And this is past on from generation to generation. And each generation gets worse. The consumer religion sure didn’t help my walk. In fact it hindered it. Trying to keep up with the Jones can be expensive and time consuming! Most so called christians live this religion too. 

Then I found that the Lord kept telling me over and over that I was to lead a life of simplicity.  He lead me away from all that I knew about 5 years ago. Even before I knew about Biblical Agrarianism. It has been a process in which the Lord has taught me and been very gracious to me.  And now this is why my husband and I are on our journey of complete separation. I am moving towards a more simplistic way of life. A harder and more physical way, yet more peaceful and rewarding. A Godly way of life, ordained from the beginning of time. A life blessed by God and provided by God. The transition seems to be quite slow at times. Yet my husband and myself just keep moving forward in hopes that soon we will turn the final corner on our journey and start a new chapter in our life called homesteading.

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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3 Responses to Paring down

  1. Brenda says:

    Good to hear from you, again. I know that whenever I take a load of items to the second-hand store, I feel so good–it’s so liberating. Of course, there’s a long way to go. When my husband and I married only 4 years ago, I moved into his home. So we had to find places for the belongings of 2 households! At least I had pared down quite a bit before moving. Anyway, we sure do need to come out of the consumer society, as it’s force drives the world. Like you, the prospect of moving on to land, Lord willing, is what motivates me to keep at purging all this unnecessary STUFF.

  2. Danielle says:

    Well said! I began my journey of getting rid of stuff in about 2005. It was truly amazing to really get a good look at all the stuff I had and did not need! Now I really think about if I really NEED something before I buy it. See you soon!

  3. paul says:

    good post, is so true about the talking ourselves into. for some reason its easier than talking ourselves out of. the verse i thought of is Phlp 4:5. i think the greek is meaning patience or gentleness but it still would be in context to apply to this. our moderation will and should be know amung people. because if its not probably the opposite will known.

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