Ponderings and truth on my walk to work

mailbox pic

              I head out to work when all is quiet and still in my urban neighbourhood. I can feel the dampness come right through my coat and I shiver. Street lights illuminate my path as I walk on leaf covered sidewalks. All is still… except my brain! This is a time when my thoughts seem clear and focused. It is the start of a new day without any interruptions or noise. I have come to value this time and hopefully use it wisely. I usually take a mental inventory about how things are going spiritually. This can be my personal relationship with Christ or my physical relationship. With all that has been going on with my husband (He is having health issues) I have been looking at both. Both physical (walking out your salvation) and spiritual are usually connected. It’s like you have this relationship with Christ but unless you are walking out the truth of His word and being obedient to it you should wonder if you really have a relationship with Him. Both are one.

               When I see what has happened with my husband and his health I have had to put things into perspective. Some may have other ideas or beliefs as to why things happen but for me I believe that God is in control of all things. He is sovereign and can override all things. He has allowed this to happen for a reason. I don’t necessarily have to know the reason. What I have to do is to trust God to do whatever He sees fit to do and learn from it.

               The Lord is teaching me that things will be done in His time NOT MY OWN. He is showing me that I am to walk daily in the grace that He has so graciously giving me. I do not need to say,” but why Lord”? I need to say thankyou Lord for your mercy and Love for me. Thank you that you have all things in control and I will trust you and Your strength will carry me through all situations.

                We are called to walk out our salvation with fear and trembling. We are called to walk daily in obedience. I think that how we handle our situations will determine if we move forward or not. I believe as we trust the Lord with things that happen in our lives He moves us to another level and more is expected of us. His work is not finished yet in us here in the city. His timing and ours is probably very different. He has placed the desire in our hearts to leave the city (world) and move to Texas. He has showed us the truth. He must receive all praise and glory for none is of us. We would still be ignorant of things were it not the Lord revealing His truth to us.

            My mornings even though I don’t really like getting up at four in the morning are important to me. I find that the Lord reveals, corrects and gives me peace and strength as I spend time thinking about the truth of His word in my life and my husbands.

                 I am still learning that life is process driven and I must take each day as it comes and be obedient to that day. I am learning to be content as He takes us on this sometimes hard and painful journey. Christs life was not an easy one so what makes me think mine should be.

 As an aside:

           After our trip to Texas I can say that my heart is already there. I have found like minded brethren who are incredible examples to me. I have already learned much from thier blogs and also from spending time with them. Ladies you are a inspiration to me, thank you! The community as a whole is living a life pleasing to the Lord. They to are growing and learning and changing as well.

           So for now as we continue the preparation for moving (sorting what we really need, saving money, looking for a trailer, continuing to seek the Lord) we wait on the Lord for His guidence in all things.

A couple of views from a window at work. One of the more pleasant moments!

another view


view from window







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The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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