Through Wind and Waves…

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A Christian has troubles like other men: losses in Business, death in his family,sickness and so on. But he has another ground work for his peace- an assurance of the faithfulness and covenant fidelity of his God and Father.  He believes that God is a faithful God- that whom  he hath loveed will not cast away. All the dark providences to him are but blessings in disquise.  When his cup is bitter, he believes it is mixed by love, and it must all end well, for God secures the ultimate result.  Ther- fore, come foul, come fair, come all weathers, his soul shelters itself beneath the twin wings of the faithfulness and power of his covenent God.  The sanctified spirit is so resigned to his Father’s will that he will not murmur.  To him, as Madame Guyon was wont to say,-“It is equal whether love ordain his life or death, appoint him weal or woe.”  He is content to take just what his Father sends him, knowing that his Father understands him better that he understands himself.  He gives up the helm of his ship to the hand of a gracious God; and he himself, is enabled to fall asleep softly in the cabin; he believes that his Captain hath power over wind and waves; and when he sometimes feels his ship rocking in the storm, he cries with Herbert–

“Though winds and waves assault my keel,

He doth preserve it; he doth steer

Even when the bark seems most to reel.

Storms are the triumph of his art;

Sure he may hide his face, but not his heart.”

Above statement taken from Twelve Sermons on Peace by: C.H. Spurgeon

I find myself thinking about all that has happened since my husband and I decided that we were going to separate from the city (Egypt) and move to an biblical agrarian lifestyle. It has been a journey indeed. We as of yet have not made the final move but are very close.

When we first made a decision that we would be joining a christian community in Texas that lives a biblical agrarian way of life, many trials have come upon us.  From my husband becoming very sick to him having a car accident. This has hindered us saving and has challenged us. We both know that it is Gods plan for us to move. We both trust that He will get us to Texas. And we both know it Will be in His timing. Each day we have to remind ourselves of this. Or finances keep vanishing each time something happens and only I can work. Yet we know that God is in control of all things. Money means nothing to Him. These trials are apart of life. At each event I think that my faith actually grows as I see the hand of God even in the storm. It is a time of teaching and trusting in Gods sovereignty. This does not mean that I don’t sometimes get overwhelmed, cause I do! It means that I can pick myself back up again knowing the promises of God and knowing His plan is perfect. Also knowing that we are called to come out of Egypt and separate from her. Praise God that He knows the beginning from the end and He has promised to complete the work He has started in me.  

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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2 Responses to Through Wind and Waves…

  1. Natasa says:

    When I read your blog or blogs from people in this Texas community, one thought is always on my mind – how nice is to live among same minded people, you don’t have to defend your thinking and way of life to others ( family or other Christians). But one thing bother me – this closed community are similar to monastery or convent. But how Christian will be salt or light if they separate physical from rest of people. This is just my opinion… I can be wrong…

    • debylin says:

      Hi Natasa thanks for your comment and for reading my blogs. The community is not a closed community as there are other farms around. They all do not live on the same piece of land. They all own there own land. They just live in close proximity to each other. They live as community because they come together to help each other, for meeting and for fellowship. They do have rules in the community based on biblical principles, which help to protect the people living there and others comming in. We are light when we obey what scripture teaches about separation. We or they share thier faith by thier actions, the way they live, by thier doctrine. The community is growing and the Lord is drawing His people out of the cities and back to the land that He gave us to work, till and grow. They probably reach more people through this lifestlye via internet and by example then most who live not according to God’s will for them. Thier light is shining in this very dark world and the Lord will bring His own out of it. There are many people who live as biblical agrarains who don’t live in Texas, who live all over the world. They are not a secluded people just separated from the world and its wickedness. Our witness is in our daily lives not just in words but in action. Hope this helps. If you are reading some of the other blogs on my site, make sure you go to this site is very helpful!
      blessings to you and your family Natasa

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