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This was a letter (written by my husband) written to the pastor of the church we used to attend. It basically tells why we left and what we have chosen to do. Also I had written a blog quite a while ago which also explains our choices and info on separation. There is some good info in which i would like to share with those who have not given thought or are wondering about separation and biblical agrarianism. Hope this helps.

By Bill Peck
July 29, 2008

This is a letter I just sent to the pastor of the small Fellowship we’ve been attending the past 2 1/2 years.

I admire ////in many ways, one biggie being he doesn’t like being called a pastor, reverend, or any title, because he’s truly not a professionally trained “pastor” (but I don’t know how else to describe him here), he’s in his mid 60s and never went to any seminary. Much like Michael, in his late 20s he felt a call to preach after earlier being a police officer and printer during his early/mid 20s in his native Liverpool, England.

He also dislikes much of what he sees in the contemporary professing “church”, and often makes mention of it during messages. I think he also runs a Biblically sound orderly service, with no plate passed, ever, nor appeals for money made. Also, only very old doctrinal hymns, many Biblically sound songs, are sung, no current “christian fluff” allowed.

So, there ARE areas of agreement and Biblical soundness to appreciate, but the following letter outlines the differences that have led Debbie and I to cease fellowship there.

Dear /////,

while yes, we’ve been busy, and a lot of stuff has been going on in our lives the past two months (such as moving, again), to be honest, there IS more to the story of our prolonged absence from the Fellowship of late.
It’s a difficult thing to try to explain to people, most of whom we admire and love, that we have reached a conclusion, based on our beliefs, that we must separate from them. Maybe you can somewhat relate, looking back at the time you broke from a certain body of believers back in England a long time ago….I’m sure that wasn’t easy either. I’m sure you didn’t leave with an attitude of superiority or on a whim…neither do Debbie and I.But we have reached a point where, to be honest, separate we must.
We have come to believe that almost all of the current professing “church”, worldwide, is severely apostate, and only going to get worse…the tail end of the great falling away mentioned in 2 Thess., for these reasons (which we believe some, not all, of these elements exist in varying degrees in the Fellowship here)

1. MOST, by far, have no problem with, and in fact embrace, the Pope and Romanism, and even though many don’t even know it, they’ve adopted most, if not all, of Romanist theology/doctrine. Look at Billy Graham, who WHOLEHEARTEDLY embraces the antichrist (by far, most of the early Church recognized who the antichrist was, THE POPE AND ROMANISM, not the futurism fantasy most embrace today) Billy called Pope John Paul the greatest evangelist of the 20th century, and Billy, in ALL his crusades, welcomes Catholic churches to take part in the planning and participation of them, and yet Graham is still revered (even occasionally in our Fellowship) by almost all of “professing Christianity”, practically like a pope himself.

2. MOST, by far, have an Arminian belief system, (gotta separate with the Wesley’s, especially John, on that one) that at its root and historical beginnings is papist and denies that Man is totally dead in his sins prior to regeneration.

3. MOST, by far, have no clue as to what they believe doctrinally, and thus, almost anything goes, doctrinally, as long as it’s “done (or not done) in love”, or “in Jesus”. The problem with that in many cases is, what Jesus?

And of course, one needn’t look far these days to find the kooky and wackiness of professing Christianity imitating the world in so many areas and slapping a “christian” label on it.

When the god of the mind is the standard, then there can be no real Christian unity. Most have a problem with doctrine, asserting that it divides, and I say yes it does, the sheep from the goats in many cases

4. MOST, by far, have no problem with living in, and off of, the beast industrial system, depending on man and a satanically inspired system (Egypt) to provide their food, water, wages, protection, insurance etc, indistinguishable from the world. Here’s some recent thoughts from Debbie on that topic…
July 26, 2008 by Debylin
The road less traveled
In the recent days I have found myself having to explain as to why I am moving (separating) from the world and going to live a biblical agrarian lifestyle. I have been getting alot of YOU’RE WHAT? I hope to explain and give sound scripture with the help of some great teaching from a person I trust and consider to be a man of God.

First off I can say that no one in their right mind would just pull up stakes and leave all behind to just look the part. Many will think its a cool thing to do or have other motives other than obedience to the word of God. Unfortunately many will bring Egypt with them and this defeats the purpose of God and its not what it’s all about. If done as well in your own strength and power I can’t see someone lasting to long. When God calls a believer out (His elect) He will give you the strength, the will and the power to do so.

It is in Love and obedience that my husband and I do this. We both know the troubles that can lay ahead but we also know that if God has called us then we are not alone and He is for us and will be our protector and provider.

I have shared with many that God had a plan for His creation but we as humans left that plan and walked in a different and destructive way. It is easy to see by looking at the world and seeing the confusion, struggles, wars and all out world crisis. Man has always tried to solve their own problems and as we can see, only leads into more of the same. When God placed man in the garden, it was for a reason. He told them what to do, Genisis 2:15 And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. But as sin came into play things went wrong. And yet still God after Adam and Eve were made to leave the garden they were again told what to do. Genisis 3:23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. Most of the parables of Jesus has to do with Agrarianism. Its all through scripture for a reason. The industrial revolution brought greed and a life that has become depended on Governments and power hungry men. This took away a life that God had ordained. A life that was simple. A life that was family oriented, Christ centered, God ordained. Yes it was hard work and is. But to live a life that is Blessed by God and provided daily from His hand. What can be better then that!

We are also called to be separate, to come out of, to be a peculiar people. Most people believe that we are only to be separate in the heart. Wrong!! We are called to be doers of the word, not just hearers. How can you be holy (separate) and still live, be apart of, look like, be around, have the same interests as the world. If you walked down the street could you tell a christian by looking at them? Can you see there heart? If we are called to be a separate people what does that mean? If we are called to come out of them, what does that mean? Come out of what? It means we have to come out of Egypt. We have to live a life according to what God has called us to. We are to leave the world and ALL its ways. As long as we stay in the world, we continue to trust the system. An anti-christ system. We should not be depending on man for anything. Yet we do. We need our benefits, we need out life insurance policies, we need our investments, we need what man offers us in the form of securities. How can we put our whole trust in God as long as we are apart of a system that makes us a slave to it. God wants us to trust Him for everything! He has promised His children that He would provide for all our needs. His word is truth. He cannot break a promise. He never has. His truth was for the past, present and future. He has never lied. He is a sovereign God that is in complete control. He does not need man to do anything except be obedient to His word. He leads, we follow. Simple! His word does not change even though men have changed His word to suit there own purposes and lie to the world. I still have lots to learn but am trusting God to continue to reveal truth to my husband and myself. He has called us out and we Praise Him for revealing His truth to us.

Here are some great teaching on the subject. Please read and then pray and ask God to show you the truth. Look for the answers yourself. If your are His you will find them. Just click on these links below.

Also you can go to And listen to

The Doctrine Series. This will show and explain biblically why you should separate from the world.

Well I hope this answers some of the questions of You’re doing What ?

We have plans, Lord willing, to move to a community in Texas within the next year to begin living an agrarian lifestyle with other Christians, and no, it’s not a cult or a commune, but a small, growing, Fellowship of families, and some singles, living in close proximity, but each on their own land. We are starting this process, and yes it will be a process, to ACTUALLY separate from the world, both in heart and physically…outside the camp.

I think the Fellowship here is MUCH BETTER than most of what professes to be Christianity today, or else we wouldn’t have stayed as long as we have. By this action we are not asserting that we are better, or more Godly in all areas, or superior in our Biblical knowledge etc. but DO profess that we’ve had our eyes opened as to what truly constitutes true Biblical separation, and we must act on it.

There have been times at the Fellowship here, during services, that many anguished prayers have been made about “separation from the world”, especially by Sheila, where I sensed a true desire to “be ye separate, touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you”. I recall you once mentioning in a sermon, seemingly, (to me anyway) in frustration, that “we all live in apartments”, and it’s true, oh how I agreed with you! But a long as we remain in the world and it’s system, there can be no true separation….we pretty much look and act like anyone else. It’s more than just “in the heart”, it has to be.

Again, this is not easy to say or do….I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to say it. It’s not easy, because we have felt very close to many here, and feel you, ////, ////, //// and many others have been good to us, prayed for us, as we’ve prayed often for you and truly love us as we love you, and feel you truly desire to serve the Lord. I don’t doubt there are God’s elect in the Fellowship here, but overall, we are more of the Calvinistic bent (NOT of the hyper sort God forbid) and I believe you lean to the Arminian side, be it ever so slight in many cases, but that, along with the issue of separation, makes this a move we must, with a degree of sadness, make.

There’s only so much one can write, in trying to explain the sometimes hard to put into words ‘whys’ in a situation like this, but I hope I’ve done a decent job.

In Christ,  Bill

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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6 Responses to The Letter

  1. CM says:

    So are you living at Homestead Heritage?

    • debylin says:

      HI CM, No we are living at the moment in B.C but will be moving to Texas. Not homestead Heritage. We are going to have close to 6 acres of land right in central Texas. We will be joining a christian Community there who all live biblical agrarian lifestyles.

  2. Briana says:

    I am hoping that you could email me some information on why you believe the new pope is the antichrist. I would appreciate it. thank you.

  3. Dawn says:

    Wow…powerful letter! Have you heard back from the pastor? What did he have to say?

    I still have yet to visit Homestead Heritage…heard many wonderful things about it. It’s less than 100 miles from my house. One day I will get there I suppose. 🙂

    Hmmm I am going to check out the anti christ link, it has peaked my interest. 🙂

    I think you and your hubby did a good job wording the letter and I hope it was recieved with an understanding heart.

    Bless you dear Sister!

    • debylin says:

      Thanks again Dawn.. The letter was received I believe okay… He the Pastor gave us his blessings. He did kinda state that he hoped we would find what we were looking for… It is funny because I believe we found what we were looking for in the first place thats why we had to leave and thats why we are moving. He never contacted us again or really anyone from the fellowship. So much for the friendships I thought had developed over the years being there. Obviously they were not like minded at all…… We still keep them in prayer in hopes that some will see the truth before it’s to late.
      blessing Deb

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