Sometimes there are so many thoughts going through my head I have trouble sorting through and finding something to write about…

So I think I will just ramble.. if you don’t mind.

I had supper with my oldest son last nite. It was nice.  He shared about how he is reading a book and that he has been reading the bible that I had placed in a box of things I gave to him a week ago. I was pleased and hope somethings take hold and makes him think.

I was also thinking about how difficult it will be to leave my sons behind here. I have been praying that they to would somehow have great revelations about God and that they would realize that what we are doing is what the Lord wants. I do realize that it is God who has to  wake them up and not me. He alone changes the heart and mind towards Him. I keep praying.

Work, well I will miss work in the sense of habit ( daycare). I won’t miss what I believe to be a job that should not exist. Children belong home with their mom not strangers. I have seen enough to know that a child wants and needs his mom and it is a gift to have a child therefore that gift should not be given into the hands of strangers to raise and be taught things contrary to Gods word.

I used to work at the school district here but gave that up due to their policies and politics and the fact that they lost two years in a row my postings. When I used to work in the high schools I felt slimmed each day as I walked the hall ways and seen so many messed up, confused, indecent behaviors and rude, vile, disrespectful young adults.  I won’t miss this!

I am excited about joining a community of like minded brethren. It will be refreshing to talk, work and fellowship with those that are walking the same path and experiencing the same lifestyle as me.  Oh counting down the days!

The people in the fellowship where I used to attend do not call or contact me in any way.. except one lady who seems to want to remain friends and calls once in a while or we meet for coffee. I guess they must be feeling like we betrayed them or maybe we hurt their feelings. Who knows! It is to bad that they didn’t want to know more about why and what we are doing.. I think maybe that some eyes could have been opened to the truth.

Live moves on and my husband and I keep saving and getting prepared to make our move.I have most things sold or spoken for.

The battery in our van died and we had to replace it. The Lord as usual blessed us as a police car came into the shop that had the same battery with only 20 thousand km on it. We were only charged 50 dollars for it and the gentleman who fixed it also did a few other things and the total cost was 67 dollars… what a blessing.  He also couldn’t believe what a deal we got for the van.

So the Lord continues to bless and take care of our every need and we continue trying to be faithful and bring him praise as He is due in all things. We want very much to be in His perfect will and will continue to no matter what the cost… All Praise and Glory be unto Him who is our God and King. Amen


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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