Well I Guess I’m Going to Need an Outhouse!

Well this is not going to be a real serious post! And yet it is something I have given some thought to. As we are going to be living an agrarian lifestyle it seems to me that an outhouse is going to be a major factor. So today I spent some time doing some research on outhouses. Of course there are many different types of outhouses and well they have been around like forever! So come with me while I take a glance at some interesting ones.


Obviously this is one of your more deluxe models…. I don’t think this will work for us.



1.   This would be good for my royal husband….



2.   Hmmm, Now this is kinda interesting… a little underwater adventure.



3.   Whooo a handy man special… not!



4.   Hey I kinda like this one! ….


znq2x3 5.   Well this is a real farmers delight!



6.   Okay now your talking!! A good ole Texas outhouse..


7.   And now we have the trusted plain jane of outhouses…


8. My favorite!

So what do you think???

Let me know what one you think would make for a fine outhouse!

I was also thinking about the inside and here are some ideas,


1.   This one interesting, clean and sleek.


2.   This one for the larger family.


3.   Unique with a touch of stone.


4.   Kinda liking this one…


5.   okay this is my favorite!


6.   Simple yet classic.

So cast your vote on which one inside and outside you like best!


This one is for the person on the go!


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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10 Responses to Well I Guess I’m Going to Need an Outhouse!

  1. Jordan and Josie says:

    Mom and I LOVED looking at all the different outhouses, it was fun to go through the pictures (he-he)

    Thanks for posting that!
    Lord willing you’ll have a cool looking outhouse that we can all admire (hehe) =D

    We’re counting the days till your move!
    Can’t wait!
    Take care!

    Jordan:8 (If I lived in London I would love the very 1st one he-he)

    Josie- 6.
    Jordan-3. & 6.

  2. Beth says:

    Cute post Debbie!

    My vote’s are in order of preference: Outside~ 8 or a condensed insulated slipform version of 1~ha. Inside: 5 to match outside 8 vote; and either 3 or 6 for the inside of 1. Happy building when you get there!


  3. Well…for the outside my favorite would be #8, and the inside would be #5.

    What a fun post, thanks for sharing.


  4. Ginny says:

    My vote is for a bucket toilet in the house. We use one here in our basement for a second toilet. It is really nice to have. I wouldn’t bother with an outhouse….

  5. Beth says:

    I read Ginny’s comment on “Process” just now, and then came here. Come to think of it, I’d probably go with a compost toilet or bucket/cat litter or compost system like tabletophomestead has used, before just an outhouse too. Karen and Chuck used an old pre plumbing toilet my parents had (ceramic base with wood seat); put a 5 gallon bucket inside it, with plastic garbage bag for liner and used cheap bagged cat litter to pour into it layer by layer. Then they just had to lift the bag out and dispose of it; but a person could dump and compost the contents too. They framed in a small room with an unplumbed sink and water container/hand sanitizer for washing hands next to toilet. Something like a big pump coffee thermos could be used for holding water/washing hands. It was totally odour free and very functional for several years. Granted other materials more compostable than cat litter could be used…sawdust, fine wood shavings, peat, etc….and I’m sure there are other things that are usable. Or again a true composting toilet, though an initial investment (as would be the wood for an outhouse) would be something this older lady would look into off grid)…..I’m 49B by the way~ Ha! Praying for you as you transition into that lifestyle, Debbie and Bill.


    • debylin says:

      Okay, In all seriousness, this post was to be fun, not putting down anyone with a out house. While my husband and I were pricing materials and labor I came across these pics of cool outhouses. And being the creative type of person I thought it would be fun to have a funny or artsy outhouse. I remember using one as a child, in fact used one for most of my child and teenage years.So I am not a stranger to the outside loo. Some thought I was being prideful in this post but obviously they don’t know me. So If I offended all you outhouse users…. forgive me that was not my intention. I figure if I am going to have an outhouse I’m going to have a fun one!

  6. April Bauer says:

    Ok. I think I would get confused with the horses running around so skip that one. I liked the outhouse with the front porch, very funny. Build your big house to match, that’ll make people wonder. I couldn’t see all the pictures for the inside, but I would pick something plain and maybe put up some odd looking pictures or something. Nothing crude, just unusual for a toilet room.

  7. debylin says:

    Thankyou all for your comments. This was fun…

  8. hearthandhomemaker says:

    I liked the victorian porch outhouse for the outside, and the clean and sleek one for the inside. The cutesy country one was nice, but it looked like you had a POT to sit on….not too comfy, lol.

    But to be honest, I’m not doing the outhouse thing myself. I fully admit that I’m too much of a sissy spoiled city girl for that. I’m too lazy and spoiled to trek to the outhouse at night, espeically in the cold, and I’m afraid of animals eating me, lol. There will be mountain lions where we’re going!

    But it looks like you have a nice selection set up for you there. If you’re going to have an outhouse, why not give it some style? 🙂

    • debylin says:

      What have you decided to do about the bathroom thing? I am not keen about going outside at night as well so as I said in an earlier comment a lugga-loo is what we will be using. We have animals on the land as well that I wouldn’t want to meet up with either….lol. I found out there is one already on the land so I will just have to fix it up to suit my needs.

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