Possess the Land

The Obedience flower from South Africa

The Obedience flower from South Africa

We were sent some pics yesterday of the Land we have acquired. It looks a little drab right now but it will green up. You can’t really see all the land but it gives an  idea of the area. The land will be close to six acres. We will have to clear some of it to plant gardens and raise some animals, which is good as it will give us some wood for next winter.

I feel like we are leaving Egypt and coming to possess the land that the Lord in His wonderful mercy has given us. With this land come much responsibility. To God first in our obedience to work the land and to the community in our obedience to keep Egypt from rearing its head in our new life.

Prov 28:19 He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain [persons] shall have poverty enough.

Isa 1:19 If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land:

There is so much that the land can teach us. As in the times of Jesus and the parables, Jesus used the land to teach His disciples about the Gospel, the land can teach us still about the things of God. For instance Barnes has this to say about Isa 1:19

If ye be willing – If you submit your wills, and become voluntary in your obedience to my law.
And obedient – Hebrew If you will hear; that is, my commands.
Ye shall eat … – That is, the land shall yield its increase; and you shall be saved from pestilence, war, famine, etc. The productions of the soil shall no more be devoured by strangers, Isa_1:7; compare the notes at Isa_65:21-23. This was in accordance with the promises which God made to their fathers, and the motives to obedience placed before them, which were drawn from the fact, that they should possess a land of distinguished fertility, and that obedience should be attended with eminent national prosperity. Such an appeal was adapted to the infancy of society, and to the circumstances of the people. It should be added, however, that with this they connected the idea, that God would be their God and Protector; and, of course, the idea that all the blessings resulting from that fact would be theirs; Exo_3:8 : ‘And I am come down to deliver them out of the band of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey;’ compare Exo_3:17; Exo_13:5; Deu_28:1-9. In accordance with this, the language of promise in the New Testament is, that of inheriting the earth, that is, the land, Note, Mat_5:5. The expression here means, that if they obeyed God they should be under his patronage, and be prospered. It refers, also, to Isa_1:7, where it is said, that strangers devoured the land. The promise here is, that if they were obedient, this calamity should be removed.

And in Isaiah when we possess the land that the Lord has provided for we have to make sure we continue to be obedient to our calling as stated below from Matthew Henry:

Pro 28:19
Note, 1. Those that are diligent in their callings take the way to live comfortably: He that tills his land, and tends his shop, and minds his business, whatever it is, he shall have plenty of bread, of that which is necessary for himself and his family and with which he may be charitable to the poor; he shall eat the labour of his hands. 2. Those that are idle, and careless, and company-keepers, though they indulge themselves in living (as they think) easily and pleasantly, they take the way to live miserably. He that has land and values himself upon that, but does not till it, but follows after vain persons, drinks with them, joins with them in their frolics and vain sports, and idles away his time with him, he shall have poverty enough, shall be satiated or replenished with poverty (so the word is); he takes those courses which lead so directly to it that he seems to court it, and he shall have his fill of it.

Here is some pics of the land:






The pictures that you see will probably be the area in which we place our RV. This could change once we get down there and have a chance to clear some of the land. But that’s a future story.

For now Matthew Henry on:

Gen 1:9-13
The third day’s work is related in these verses – the forming of the sea and the dry land, and the making of the earth fruitful. Hitherto the power of the Creator had been exerted and employed about the upper part of the visible word; the light of heaven was kindled, and the firmament of heaven fixed: but now he descends to this lower world, the earth, which was designed for the children of men, designed both for their habitation and for their maintenance; and here we have an account of the fitting of it for both, and building of their house and the spreading of their table. Observe,
I. How the earth was prepared to be a habitation for man, by the gathering of the waters together, and the making of the dry land to appear. Thus, instead of the confusion which there was (Gen_1:2) when earth and water were mixed in one great mass, behold, now, there is order, by such a separation as rendered them both useful. God said, Let it be so, and it was so; no sooner said than done.

II. How the earth was furnished for the maintenance and support of man, Gen_1:11, Gen_1:12. Present provision was now made, by the immediate products of the upstart earth, which, in obedience to God’s command, was no sooner made than it became fruitful, and brought forth grass for the cattle and herb for the service of man. Provision was likewise made for time to come, by the perpetuating of the several kinds of vegetables, which are numerous, various, and all curious, and every one having its seed in itself after its kind, that, during the continuance of man upon the earth, food might be fetched out of the earth for his use and benefit. Lord, what is man, that he is thus visited and regarded – that such care should be taken, and such provision made, for the support and preservation of those guilty and obnoxious lives which have been a thousand times forfeited! Observe here, 1. That not only the earth is the Lord’s, but the fulness thereof, and he is the rightful owner and sovereign disposer, not only of it, but of all its furniture. The earth was emptiness (Gen_1:2), but now, by a word’s speaking, it has become full of God’s riches, and his they are still – his corn and his wine, his wool and his flax, Hos_2:9. Though the use of them is allowed to us, the property still remains in him, and to his service and honour they must be used. 2. That common providence is a continued creation, and in it our Father worketh hitherto. The earth still remains under the efficacy of this command, to bring forth grass, and herbs, and its annual products; and though, being according to the common course of nature, these are not standing miracles, yet they are standing instances of the unwearied power and unexhausted goodness of the world’s great Maker and Master. 3. That though God, ordinarily, makes use of the agency of second causes, according to their nature, yet he neither needs them nor is tied to them; for, though the precious fruits of the earth are usually brought forth by the influences of the sun and moon (Deu_33:14), yet here we find the earth bearing a great abundance of fruit, probable ripe fruit, before the sun and moon were made. 4. That it is good to provide things necessary before we have occasion to use them: before the beasts and man were made, here were grass and herbs prepared for them. God thus dealt wisely and graciously with man; let not man then be foolish and unwise for himself. 5. That God must have the glory of all the benefit we receive from the products of the earth, either for food or physic. It is he that hears the heavens when they hear the earth, Hos_2:21, Hos_2:22. And if we have, through grace, an interest in him who is the fountain, when the streams are dried up and the fig-tree doth not blossom we may rejoice in him.

Blessings to those who read the word and have understanding of it and who walk out in obedience it’s truths.


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The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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3 Responses to Possess the Land

  1. Beth says:

    Debbie and Bill,

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Is this the acreage near Chris’s land? Josie showed me the acreage that was still available there, so I would think that is what you purchased. 6 acres is a nice plot for 2 people, I would think.

    Praying for you as you continue to prepare, and for a successful separation to the land/self sufficient lifestyle. Being from Canada, the temperature difference/dryness contrast would be an adjustment in the spring/summer for sure. With Gods protection and guidance, I pray that goes smoothly for you both as well.

    If trees don’t provide enough shade, even a tarp tented over the trailor with a “porch area”, facing south or southwest, could help alot initially with the adjustment time. On our old Airstream we were amazed how much the roll out awnings protected the camper from the heat. On our land one summer, I canned fresh wild blackberry jam inside, (plus baked and cooked meals) when quite hot outside, but with the windows/doorscreen open for airflow, plus the shade from the awnings, there was much protection from the heat.

    Anyway, God bless you as you proceed.


  2. debylin says:

    Thanks Beth for the advice.. if fact we are going to look for some tarps for this purpose. Hopefully in the near future we can build a covering and actually have a closed in front porch so that I can have a summer kitchen. Yes it is close to Chris’s land so it must be the same land Josie showed you. We are excited and trying to purchase things wisely that we need to get started. So Lord willing we will be somewhat prepared when we arrive. Please continue to pray as we separate. We really appreciate prayers from like minded brethren.

  3. Amy Edge says:

    Yes, definitely need some shade. I am south of S.A., and it is HOT!

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