Woo hoo Texas

Well we finally made it to Texas!!!  We are now in Pecos. We still have a few hrs to go as you know and if you don’t know,Texas is a mighty big state. We left Arizona this morning at 11:ooam and made it to Pecos by 11:30pm. We drove for 10 and a half hrs. If you think that doesn’t add up well you we had to add 2 hrs for the time difference.  We didn’t have to much trouble this time except for having to pull over in New Mexico (rush hr traffic) as the stop and go was not agreeing with the radiator. Other then that it was smooth hot sailing. I must say though that the weather has been pretty good thus far. We hit 41 Celsius only once in Arizona and it was brief!

We should arrive at our destination around 12:oo or 1:oo Lord willing. I am so looking forward to getting to Santa Anna! It is supposed to be a hot one tomorrow! But Praise the Lord He has been with us every step of this journey and taken care of our vehicle and Us!

Blessings Debylin


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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2 Responses to Woo hoo Texas

  1. rob says:

    Well done! It seems that Texas is something of a ‘goal’ for all of us agrarians. I wonder why that is? I am perfectly able to do all of my agrarian activities here in Arkansas, but for some odd reason Texas really attracts me. It’s really weird.

    • debylin says:

      Well I guess for us it was the fellowship. We are called to live with like minded brethren. It is good to live in community as it helps the growth process and it also makes us accountable. All through scripture you can see God’s children living and working together. It is a blessings and is commanded of God to come out of World! …… I am just starting but looking forward to all the hard work and great fellowship! Thanks Rob.

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