One Month Today!!

Well it’s one month today! We have now been in Texas for one month and it sure has been a learning experience. Some of my first time experiences are:

1. I never knew you could get bitten so many times in one day!

2. Whats broody?

3. Clear the area its going to rain!.

4. So thats what a scorpian looks like! Smack! Dead scorpian!

5. How much water can you drink in one day!

6.Mud, Mud, Mud!!!!!

7. Don’t give a cow a range cube unless you want it chasing you down the pasture.

8. Ice melts faster then you can say redonkulious.

9. Watch were you step!!!

10. 97 is cool!

11. Sweating is the new fashion!

12. Rabbits eat there night poop!

13. Sleeping and heat don’t mix!

14. Whats a chigger?

15. Having fellowship with like minded brethern!

16. Sharing thoughts and journeys with friends

17. Learning from children.

There is so much more I could write but will leave those for another topic!

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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7 Responses to One Month Today!!

  1. Kim says:

    Aww congrats! I’ve been following your journey for a while now. And I am so happy you’re in TX now and getting to start this part of your journey. SO FUN!

    LOL at the cows. And we have some of the meanest broodies around right now. Stay back if you want to keep your fingers 🙂

    Congrats again

  2. Diane says:

    Found your blog…thank you for sharing with us all. You are doing what I have been dreaming of…the good, bad & ugly. As I wait for my time to live my dream, I will enjoy & learn while you walk yours.
    Thank you!

  3. Beth says:


    I’m giggling at this one! Thanks for sharing so honestly. I have to tease you somewhat about # 1 (though I agree TX has more/bigger buggers), but especially about #’s 2,7, 9 and maybe even 12….I thought you were an ‘ol farmgirl?

    Seriously though, they are all great insights and were fun to read. Even in WI a lot of H20 needs to be consumed in this humidity! And Praise God for all of them and especially #’s 15, 16 and 17!


    God bless!


    • debylin says:

      Hi Beth, and thanks for your comments. I am not really an ol farm girl. I grew up in the country for sure and my dad was a hunter. We did raise some pigs, a cow once, some chickens and some turkeys. We had an out house until I was sixteen. My dad trapped so I was used to seeing lots of dead beavers, fox, muskrats, rabbits,etc. I helped skin them and stretch them out. So I am used to the country, but Texas is a wee bit different then the Ontario country side. And there is not so many pesky varmints. Mind you the mosquitoes are much larger and many more of them. All in all I am not finding it to difficult to fit in. Just have to get used to the different species and climate. But the Lord is great and He is helping me to see the benefits of this lifestyle.

      • Beth says:

        HI again Deb, great to hear back from you. I remembered you stating a few times your father trapped, plus knew you’d shared of animals in the country so thought it was a farm of some type. At least rural enough to learn alot, it sounds like! I was just sharing with Karen via e-mail, we went to my husbands’ sisters’ organic farmette today. It has a nice insulated garage turned into kitchen/living space plus a nice newer barn with stantions, haymow and storage shop, they bought on 60 acres 2-4 years ago. They put on a family picnic there today. While there, my brother in law, a semi retired accountant (for 2 local big companies in employment years and now doing some small business/individual $ mgmt counseling on his own)….came up to me again as he has a few time recently and asked all kinds of gardening, animal mtce., root cellaring, etc. questions with the statement …..well at least now if it really gets bad, we’ve got the means to survive. He/they both believe they’re saved, but I presume they’re still quite armenian in their beliefs…but perhaps God is opening their eyes to His full Will for them. I pray so. Seeing that possibility, made it a very rewarding day.

        Is the outhouse picture on your website actually yours? If so it’s quite artistic! Just curious. Have a blessed week.


  4. Hi Sister Debylin! This is really funny. I like lesson #10 the best. Glad to hear you’re settling into Texas.
    May God bless you!

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