3 Responses to If You Were To Die This Very Day!

  1. Rob says:

    You know I have always contemplated this question with regard to death. If a person is really convinced he/she is a Christian why in the world would they ever fear death?

    I honestly look forward to the day with great expectation. To be free of this flesh, these shackles of this earthly existence that keep us bound is surely a grand day indeed. I am in one respect no hurry to leave because I feel there is so much for me to do, but if it were my time I believe I could go on into glory full of joy and thanksgiving.

    The only danger I see with this kind of thinking is that we could easily fall into the trap of singing ‘I’ll fly away’ while reading more headlines. I think the work we have here is great and long, but to be present with Him who loves us throughout all eternity??? I can’t honestly understand why anyone would meet death with fear and intrepidation. My wife’s grandmother stepped over with trembling and fear clutching to her life and the hand of her grand-daughter as if trying to NOT go. I would like to think when it is my turn that I would go joyfully, and full of thanks for the opportunity to suffer and learn on Earth.

  2. Renée M says:

    I can see why this stayed with you, and I hope it will stay with me too. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Roz says:

    I have not been feeling well lately and have had death on my mind. I have a 3, 13, 15 year old sons and many times this gets in my way, not wanting to leave them alone. God help me to live in a way that will prepare them what ever or when ever the end may be.
    Than you

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