Ranchfest in Sepia

DSCN2854Our First Frosty Morning

Hey all. Thought I would post something about Ranchfest as is over and maybe your wondering what a ranchfest is! It is actually a time when we here in the community and other interested people come and see how we live or friends visit who already live the same way enjoy a time of fellowship and we get to accomplish some projects that help us move forward in our process of becoming God reliant. We all met together on the first Saturday for the usual breakfast. This is always a wonderful time when we can let some one else do the cooking. On the following Monday the ladies got together and rendered some beef tallow in order to make possible soap or candles. As well we snapped mesquite pods which will be used later for wonderful coffee. The men got together and worked on a smoke house that Lord willing will be used in the near future for smoking pork and beef and various other critters.

I took some pictures and decided to do them in an old style photo design as it gave the objects a old time feel to it. Hope you like them.

I see blurry people

The picture here are of the breakfast. Sorry for it being a bit blurry.

ranchfest breakfast dh

Sarah Bunker at breakfast with her doll Molly.

ranchfest breakfast Sarah

The Smoke house

smoke house in the making (600 x 450)

Working, working working.

Smoke house ponderings

Working on the stove part of the smoke house which is outside of the building.

smoking smoke house

As you can see the front part of the stove. The pipe goes into the smoke house where the meat will be hanging and getting smoked.

dh working on smokehouse

The basket of mesquite pods that the ladies snapped for future coffee, jelly or mesquite tea.


Well thats about that for now. I hoped you enjoy the pictures. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see or hear about please comment and let me know. If you would like to know about any doctrine or other topics I would love to share them with you. Please take the opportunity to visit the other sites on my blog especially The Process Driven Life and Biblicalagarianism.com. There will be more Ranchfests so if your interested to find out more and would like to see first had our lifestyle that would be awesome!

Until next time.



About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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7 Responses to Ranchfest in Sepia

  1. Beth says:

    Thank you for the Ranchfest photos, Debylin. It was nice of you to post them and share what was worked on/accomplished.
    Is wood just burned inside the cement/brick box to create the smoke that will transfer via the pipe to the smokehouse? Or is there going to be a metal stove of some type within the brick box? Besides Mesquite and fruitwood; are there plans to try oak, hickory and the like? Nice basket of pods, ladies! Have a blessed November everyone.

    As I mentioned to Danielle, I’d like to hear via Ladies forum perhaps, or here if you desire; updates as to what the ladies are working on; accomplishments with housing, animal husbandry, whatever… with each family unit if they don’t mind. Still looking forward to “Composting 2 article by Carol” for instance. Always enjoy Siffords articles as an example too. Thanks again, Debbie!


    • debylin says:

      Hi Beth, nice to hear from you. I believe wood is just burned in the cement box but I will have to check with Michael. As for the wood I as well believe that Mesquite will be the wood of choice as it is plentiful here. Well I can’t speak for the other ladies but as for myself. I have helped skin my first pig… roasted some mesquite pods for coffee… made some tinctures for allergies and for pain…… Bill and I have not as yet moved back to our land. We are waiting for funds to finish the fence. Bill has received some work which is such a blessing. So Lord willing it will happen soon. I as well will be looking into getting some milk goats in the spring which will give me some time to get housing ready for them. Our garden is almost ready as well and is waiting for the move and a fence. I will let Carol know the composting 2 article. I will post things as they happen. The outhouse is almost done as well!

  2. Beth says:

    Hello again,

    Nice to hear back from you. Was the pig you skinned the wild hog Danielle mentioned or another of your own? I read of your tincture making. A process I need to study up on. Have read a bit about it, but haven’t tried it yet. A process that’s fairly easy, with time and patience, I’d assume. Yes, what a blessing that Bill has gotten needed work to move you forward with your goals. Goats in the spring would be nice. Good job on your outhouse, that is almost finished, and your garden space(s). What a blessing it is for you to be there, learning the ropes and getting established with food provisions, both vegie and meat. Will you start a root cellar soon? Do the others there have cement walls/ceilings if I remember right? In TX, I’m sure the cement helps keep the temp and humidity more properly regulated. And overall is the recommended material to use. Our land is rolling and heavily wooded. Chuck built a root cellar into a hillside with it’s door facing toward the southeast with heavy forest cover so it is well shaded. He used log walls and roof and mounded dirt over the roof, just as you would over cement. It’s been there over 10 years I’m sure, undoubtedly more, so could be a possible cheaper method than cement to some. Though I know the land there is quite flat overall, so waiting for a cement cellar, roof may be worth the wait. Just sharing.

    Looking forward to seeing your finished outhouse, garden and fencing projects and next spring your pigs, Debbie.

    Have a blessed Sabbath and Lords day!


  3. Michelle says:

    Nice to meet you! I just came across your blog and am enjoying it. I have never heard of using mesquite to make tea. I must admit I wonder what it would taste like! Blessings.

  4. Amy Edge says:


    I am interested in a couple of things. I’ve meant to ask Mr. Bunker, but would prefer to talk to a woman. I see on his blog/website that he talked about getting ready for the Sabbath. I know what that entails for me, but wondered what the process was there? Is it different for each family? or the same for the community?

    Also, I wondered if there was something unbliblical being taught by any of the elders there is anyone free to correct?

    I too would be interested in hearing about a woman’s day there in the community. Mine normally is getting outside before this Texas heat starts to hang the laundry, watering the goats, horses, chickens, cats and dogs. During the heat of the day we retreat inside to the cooler temps to work on our Bible study, schoolwork, household chores, sewing, or other hand projects. The evening is when I normally do my gardening, canning and baking, due to the heat, plus I do research on herbal medicines, and various farming ideas.. I wonder how your day differs?

    Thanks for sharing…

    • Debylin says:

      Amy,Hi again, It is very different for everyone here, as we have different things to take care of. For me it is getting home from work and then getting the chores done before dusk. Making sure I have household duties done so I can relax and mostly read on the Sabbath. We call it sabbath prep. I look forward to this day very much!

    • Debylin says:

      Amy, As for the correcting the elders if they teach something unbiblical, well that hasn’t happened as far as I know. I do know that it is not for me to do any correcting, as I believe God has placed them as elders and I am to submit to there authority. Between the two elders they I am sure will talk about things like this. That would be a good question for you to ask Mr. Bunker

      My work day consists of working outside the home for the time being, I do hope this changes but there is still much to implement on our homestead. I get up at 6:30 and milk our goat, let out the chickens. My husband feeds the dog. I go to work for 6 to 9 hrs a day then come home and water all the goats and milk the one goat . I will do whatever cleaning needs to be done. Right now I am sewing our Ohio dress and aprons that we will be wearing very soon. Then of course putting up the chickens making sure they have water for the next day. Our garden died. But Lord willing come the fall we can start that up again.

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