Prophet, Priest and King Of The Home

I thought this was a very good article and wanted to share it with you all. I believe as a woman, that it is blessing to have a husband that is the priest of the home. I am thankful for the wonderful teachings that I am receiving and have learned while here in the community. The article was written by my teacher Michael Bunker. Enjoy and be blessed.

Michael, I’m wondering if you would be willing to put your pen to writing about the responsibilities of a man in the position of Prophet, Priest, and King and the practical applications that they involve. If the Christian Virtuous Woman has so much on her plate, I can imagine that loving a wife as Christ loves the Church can be a very important task. Being a relatively newly wed I can imagine that I haven’t begun to understand the responsibility that weighs on my shoulders and I would appreciate your teachings in this matter. Thank you.

Thank you for your question. There is certainly no way to give this topic the attention it desires in this forum, but I will give you a cursory answer and in it I hope you will learn how to find the larger answer. First, since this boils down to loving the wife as Christ loved the Church, it is necessary that we answer some questions…

If Christ loved the Church (and He did), how did that love manifest itself?; and how do we contrast this love with what is taught as “love” by the world today? Did Christ just hold hands with the Church and put up with her tantrums? Did He skip along the beach with her and tell her “I love you just the way you are?” Did He tell her that he was going to share authority with her 50/50 and seek her advice and counsel always? Did He tell her that all the important decisions were up to her and he’d just “go make the money?” Did He tell her He was perfectly happy with her in her sins and rebellions?

In fact, most of how men supposedly love their wives today is not love at all. It is submission to the Devil is what it is, and it is Roman in origin (Romance… anyone?).

Christ loved the Church in such a way that showed that her eternal address was more important to Him than her temporal “happiness” or comfort. He told her to obey Him in all things, without question, and without regard to consequences. He served her by encouraging her, teaching her, chastising her strongly, and demanding that she submit or that she leave. He refused (and refuses) to share her with the world, meaning that he over-rules and rejects her natural proclivities to carnal comfort, domination, self-preservation and esteem, vanity, and worldliness. He promised He would not leave her comfortless, in that He would comfort her IN affliction, IN persecution, IN trials, IN tribulations. He told her that IF she loved Him, she would obey His commandments; and He told her that if she did love Him and obey Him, that she would be hated by her family, friends, and the world. Christ’s love of the Church is such that His rebukes and chastisements are in direct relation to her commitment and submission. If she submits and obeys, she will receive innumerable benefits, both here on earth, and eventually in heaven. If she rebels and refuses to obey, then national Israel was given to her as a threat and a promise of what may become of her. He wrote her letters with great promises and great threatenings, and He encouraged her to read and heed what He wrote to her. He served her best interests, even when that was contrary to what she wanted… including leaving her on earth to go and prepare a place for her. He is living water to her when she is athirst, and He is the Bread of Life to her when she is hungry.

In short…

When I see a loud-mouthed, obnoxious woman who calls herself a Christian, I see a husband who has not loved his wife enough. When I see a troublesome meddler, a gossip, or a busy-body, I see a husband who has not loved his wife as Christ loved the Church. When I see a woman who bedevils her husband, nags him, or makes his life less than a blessing, then I see a man who has not loved his wife enough or properly.

Christ loved His wife in such a way that it was necessary for Him to die in order to redeem her from her fallen state. He permitted Himself to be brutalized and crucified in order to propitiate her sins, her errors, and her rebellion. Such is the love that Christ had for the Church.

When the woman looks at her duties and obligations in the Bible, she sees that she is called to be a help-meet for her husband. She is called to serve him, and to assist him in his life and ministry. She is to be a blessing and a glory to Him. In other words, Her duty is to help her husband in his work OUTWARDS. A husband’s duty is to help His wife in her work INWARDS.

… and that is the shorthand version. I hope it helps.

I am your servant in Christ Jesus,

Michael Bunker


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The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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5 Responses to Prophet, Priest and King Of The Home

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you for this teaching….there are so many things I’d like to ask, and many I’d like to just say….in short, though, please pray for us-things are not in God’s order and it has become easier to focus on ‘other’ things rather than on what needs to change…it seems there is an ever-widening gap between us, and I fear it is because our spiritual fellowship is relatively non-existent. I have my world and he has his….and it is becoming increasingly difficult to be supportive of ‘his’ work when it is all he concerns himself with. I am sad, and I feel alone, and I want to trust him in matters of our Lord. ….it’s all backwards….I need God to set things right….please pray for us. Thank you

    • debylin says:

      Will keep you in my prayers Michelle. Just trust the Lord and walk as if all is okay even if its not. Continue to submit to the Lord and do all for His glory and pray for him. God is a God of order and He wants to be put first. So just keep focused on Him and allow the Lord to do All the rest. Let your light shine forth and maybe it will spill out onto him. Just continue to be a helpmeet and submissive and this will give God glory and keep you in obediance. Have you read Created to be his helpmeet yet… if not a great read and will surprise you on what can happen when a women comes under the authority of her husband and first God…. Read it and let me know what you think. It will change you, if your open to it!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you Debylin. It’s odd how one day everything seems one way, and the next another way. Sometimes we get surprised (pleasantly) by our loved ones when push comes to shove…..these last few days I’m just thinking a lot on what I can do differently myself to process emotion-which, as we know, is not intended to be our guide or our anchor. If we let it get the best of us then we not only become needy but pitiful in our attempts to be better christians/friends/wives/partners…..and maybe this is the enemy’s plan right? It seems to be too easy to criticize and judge everyone around us sometimes, so much so that we forget to look at ourselves and ways we fall short on our own responsibilities. Thanks again for the much needed encouragement! It means everything to share and lift each other up when trials set in.
    I’ve been browsing sites on your blogroll….some very interesting people, would love to visit one day! For a very long time now I’ve thought seriously of what it would mean to live more simply….to grow our own food, make our own clothes, etc….and although my partner shows zero inclination towards such a change I am always unable to close the door on such an idea. God knows what tomorrow will bring!! It’s good to find others who are actually doing it, and I am in prayer that all of your endeavors will bring Glory to Him and continued prosperity for all of you-by that, of course, I mean true peace, assurance, providence and continued ability to take care of others.

  3. Amy Edge says:

    Debilyn, I have another question. I pray I am not being a bother to you, as these posts are older and I am just coming to them. I have no problem with biblical submission. I do find a problem with Mr. Bunker portraying a woman as having tantrums, or being obnoxious because she voices an opinion, at least that is the impression I received, or of needing to be chastised strongly. That is not a biblical representation of a good marriage. Not all women have tantrums. A helpmeet is just that a helper, not someone to be stepped on, derided or put down as if she were another child to be disciplined. That is not the role of the husband. I felt saddened by this interpretation, and wondered what you thoughts were on this topic?

    • Debylin says:

      Amy, I will be honest with you on this subject . We women do have issues of submitting. It is not something that comes naturally. I have to be constantly prayer about this. i can say I submit, but sometimes my flesh wants to take control and have my own way. They may not be out right tantrums but women have a tendency to say things or act in such a way as to get our way. I am being honest here because i think it is important. I think having an opinion is okay when it is asked for. I think it is okay to talk things over with your husband , but in the end it is he who makes the final decision. If a women is in rebellion to her husband and refuses to listen or submit then she might have to be disciplined. This is out of love as it is her soul that he should be concerned about. Mr. Bunker has dealt with many issues on this subject. I have come to understand and see the truth in what He says. As I can see if I look hard within myself things that he talks about. It all started with EVE. Please pray about these things and keep reading. It is hard to see things in ourselves if it is not so pleasant.

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