Learning To Rest

Hey all, its been a while. I have been busy with various things. Getting online and having time to write has not been a priority. I have been working on making the home warmer as it has been very cold here. As well I have made some candles out of all the left over wax, which I save. I seem to be settling in to this lifestyle and yet there it still so much to learn. We as of yet have not moved back to our own land so I am learning to be content until the Lord makes a way for us.

I am learning to rest in his sovereignty and know that all comes from his hand, good and bad! Being content is not something that comes easy for me, yet the Lord is showing me that He is in control of all my doings. He gives me the desire to do that which He has called me to. There is nothing that comes my way that is not from His hand. I have learned so many revelations lately that processing it takes time.

All things that are going on in the world are all in the hands of God. He allows all things for His good purpose. All things work for His glory. ALL THINGS! There is nothing that happens under Heaven that He has not ordained to happen. We cannot see the end of things, but He sees the end and has a purpose to even that which the world calls bad.

So I rest knowing that my God is overseeing every detail of my life (even my mistakes) that Lord willing will make me walk more according to His will and purposes.

I Praise God that I am His and that He will do what ever is necessary to make me into the Godly women that He knows I will become some day. As He said He will complete the work He has started in me.

My life is in process and I am looking forward to, Lord willing, preparing for our move.

Until next time Debylin


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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One Response to Learning To Rest

  1. Marie & Peter Dybing says:

    Dear Debylin, read on a blog that putting bubble wrap over windows gives more insulation. You spray on water with a water bottle and then the wrap sticks to the glass. It lets light through keeps cold out .Maybe worth a try.Thanks for your sharing.We haven,t found like minded folk round here so have to be patient like you and be obedient as i can be. I bought Debi Pearl book after you recommended it and found it worth while.How different to what I had been taught and how joyful I feel following the Lord,s way. Hope your boys are going well Love Marie PS The wrap has the smooth side on the glass.

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