Mistakes, I made a few…

Well progress is being made on our land. Here are some pics on the process of  putting up my clothes line. I will say that I made some mistakes. But all in I have a pretty good clothes line. I am pleased and thank the Lord for providing the materials I needed to get the Job done. As well I built a new out house door and tried to fix the side piece as the door was smaller then the original. Again I am thankful that it is function-able now .

These are the materials that I used .

Here I chiseled out the wood

Dug a hole about 22 inchs deep

Placed the 4 by 4 in the ground and made sure it was level.

Mixed the cement. I made the mixture to look like muffin mix. Ladies will understand this.

Here I am tamping down the cement in order to get out any air bubbles.

Here are the poles cemented in. Can you see where I made the mistake??

Here are the cross ties. These had to be chiseled out as well in order to fit snugly in the poles standing.

Now I drilled the holes to fit the screws. Just a little crooked! 🙂

Now I fit in the half a 8 ft 4 by 4 into the 8 ft pole standing.

I placed the screws in the drilled holes. It needs more washers which will be done soon.

Here is my finished clothes line.  I am pleased!  As well I want to thank a certain friend, Susan for helping me.

Last  but not least here is my out house door I built. I sort of shingled the side piece in order to make the front look a bit better. Looks a little crooked, but hey won’t hinder anything! lol.

Below is some extra pics I took recently. Hope you enjoy and please let me know if you found the mistake I made. In fact you might even see more than that. Again I am thankful to God for the strength and provisions he has supplied.

Our friendly neighborhood swamp monster (Mr. Woods)

The sky before storm

Well there you have it! Blessings to all and I will keep you undated on our progress.

Blessing Debylin

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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4 Responses to Mistakes, I made a few…

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Debbie,

    Your clothes line poles look great and your outhouse too. I like the rustic, crooked look of the shingles, and the door looks sturdy. Now the seaweed monster?…..Yuk! (Sorry Chris). Nice of you to help, Susan, (smiley face) with the clothes line project. My guess about your mistake is possibly having cemented in the pole(s) so the notches don’t face each other perfectly square?? Oh well, it looks like the “t’s” face each other well enough even if that guess is correct. If my guess is wrong, be sure to share what it is….Ha!

    I just stepped outside to re-examine how we did our clothesline. We cemented in 4×4’s like you did, keeping them the same height above ground. Then we just placed a 2×4 across the top of each and screwed it into the top of the 4×4 with 4 to 5 wood screws. For added support we cut the ends of 2-2×4’s at a 45 degree angle, for each t-post and placed those under the top 2×4, and screwed them into both the 2×4 “t” and 4×4 main post; they are quite sturdy. There is room for 5 clotheslines about 1.5 feet apart that are tied into eye bolt screws that are screwed into the narrow edges of the 2×4 top “t’s”. I’m sure we used a drill to drill pilot holes for those eye bolts, to avoid cracking the 2×4’s. They’ve been there many years now and no problems.

    You’ll enjoy many a blessed, fresh smelling load of air dried clothes for many years with your nice clothesline, Debbie. Thanks for sharing! Any idea when you’ll be “on your land” yet? Nice progress, regardless. Indeed, Praise God for His provisions!


    • Debylin says:

      Hi Beth, the mistake I made was putting the notches backwards. It is better the other way as it makes them stronger to hold alot of laundry. I cemented them in as I won’t have to worry about them tilting. I am going to fix the shingles as I knew they were crooked. but that is an easy fix. Thanks for commenting, really appreciate it. I don’t get many who say anything just alot who look. But that,s okay to. Hope your doing well. We should be moving back any day I would think. I am not sure but I think the men finished or almost finished the fence on Thursday. I have been working and very busy these days. I still have work to do in my garden. I have to put up just five more poles and get them tamped down and then put on the fence. Then I will start planting the fall garden. So moving right along.

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Debbie,
    Oh yes, I see your point of potential better sturdiness had the 2×4’s been facing outward; but with the big bolts, washers and nuts holding each “t”, I’m sure it will be sturdy enough; esp. cemented in. And you can always add 45 degree supports underneath, if not. Sounds like you’ve made great progress with the fencing, garden, etc.. Hey I was serious when I said I liked the crooked siding on the outhouse…..I would leave it rustic looking like that, unless it causes leakage problems with rain or something. God bless your efforts regardless. Greet Bill and everyone there for me please…even the swamp monster! Ha! Sounds like everyone is very busy. My gardens are growing vigorously, and peas are staring to put forth as well as the brassicas, cukes, zucchini etc. I have about 40 tomato plants again this year and they’re setting nice fruit; my peppers are looking good and blooming too, now. Even planted a bit of sweetcorn for the first time in years and it’s doing well. Watermelon is blooming so hope that fruits well too. Have sure had nice rain this year, Praise God. Will pray for rain for you folks again this week, as Michael requested.

    Have a blessed week!


  3. yankeegal says:

    I am a new reader, so just thought to say hello, as I always like to know who reads my blog.:o) I really enjoyed seeing all these inpiring pictures of your work! Thanks for sharing.

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