I’m working on it!

Well we are back on the land and working on getting things done. There is much to do! I went back this morning to the sustaire’s and picked up the goats. Billy the Kid and Kitty (gunsmoke) Kitty went willing through the woods, but Billy NOT! it took some time for him to know who’s boss. But both are back in their new home and I pray will do well there. I know I will enjoy having them around. Kitty should be having her kids soon Lord willing. That will be such a blessing!

Next in line will be the chicken coop. I have some of the materials but still need to buy some more. I am learning more and more about the process. I get impatient and have to stop and remember that it takes time to do all that is needed. And learning that all is in God’s timing NOT my own.

I have some pics to update on how things are looking now. I have some ideas in mind of what I would like to do around the place  but again process, process, process.I thank the Lord for allowing us to get to where we are. He is faithful!

Enjoy the pics

The front view of the R.V on our land. You can see the solar panels in the back ground. Our R.V is situated in a nice grove of trees which give some nice shade which is needed in this 103 degree weather!

Side view of  our home. I have made a rock path for those rainy, muddy days. I do pray we get some much needed rain!

My new clothes line put to use! 4 lines, works great!

Inside my out house, it is amazing what a bit of paint can do! Not fancy but homey just the same.

My out door sink! Works great. This is just behind the R.V. Its like an having an extra room! I enjoy spending time here.

The Beginnings of great garden soil. My compost.

The goat shed! I have cleaned it up and its ready to go!

Meet Kitty and Billy the Kid. Kitty on the left. They are very sweet!

Another view of the goats. Kitty is half Nubian and Alpine and Billy is pure Nubian. Kitty will be providing milk Lord willing in the near future.
Meet Greta. I call it Greta. It could be a male but I don’t know so for now I like Greta. I feed it a grasshopper every day and it is getting huge! it started out very small and in a week she has grown to this size. Its abdomen is close to the size of a silver dollar. It’s takes care of a lot of bugs around. Its beautiful.

Extra pic

This little buck is being taken care of by a friend. It was found struggling in a fence. It was cut up and its mother no where to be found. He will be set free in a couple of months from now as he has grown so much even since this pic was taken. He was only a couple of weeks old here.

Well thats it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pics. It’s really hot today and I need to find some shade!!

Blessing Debylin

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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8 Responses to I’m working on it!

  1. yankeegal says:

    Wow! I am super impressed with your outhouse. It look like a regular john to me. I thought it was at first glance. I love the pretty paint. I never seen any all done up so nice!
    Great Work!

    PS-What kind of spider is that one. I have seen them here too. We are in North Carolina.

    • Debylin says:

      The spider is a garden spider. I am experimenting to see how big she will get. thanks for you comment.. appreciate hearing from you.

  2. Judy Bowman says:


    I know you’re thrilled to be finally on the land. Greta is a garden spider and she’s a girl. I have one that lives over my washtubs. We’ve watched her attract a mate, eat numerous bugs (she spins them into a cocoon and sucks on them like a Slurpee) and grow. My grandchildren call her Mrs. Spider.


    • Debylin says:

      Thanks Judy! I feed Greta one grasshopper every day… she sure is getting big! There are many around our homestead. Hope you are doing well.

  3. Cath says:

    Hiya Debylin! Love the pictures! Your goats are really sweet looking. I can’t wait to have my own….one day…
    Btw, twice now, my 3 year old thought that the picture of you at the top of your blog – was me.
    Have a good one,

  4. Beth says:

    Hi Debylin,

    Your homestead looks well organized and functional. Even the decor in the outhouse is cute! That was one thing that amazed me when down there, is how much one could fit into and make functional in that small space~Ha! The goats look healthy, and yes, ready to deliver and procreate. Nice start.

    Your shade trees around your camper/home, goat shed, compost pile and clothesline all look well planned and ready for full function. May your garden fencing completion project go well too. Praise God for the progress!

    Thanks for sharing all the pics! I appreciated your other 1 year update post on BA as well. May PM you some questions if you don’t mind. Have a blessed Sabbath prep, Sabbath and Lords Day!


  5. Susan says:


    What a blessing to be progressing on your own homestead! We have Kitty’s grandson in our herd of goats. Maybe we’ll bring him by to meet her sometime 🙂 Just for a point of clarification, your billy is actually only 1/2 Nubian and at least 1/4 LaMancha (probably more) with the remainder unknown. I’m sorry if that got lost in translation somewhere along the way. I pray for a smooth and safe delivery for Kitty and healthy kids, Lord willing.

    May God bless you and Mr. Peck as you continue building your homestead.


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