Canning, chicken poop and a porch

Well, things have been pretty busy around here lately. I have been canning turkey. It is amazing how you can preserve food and not have to refrigerate or freeze things. I did about 47 pounds which is plenty for my husband and I. I am thankful for the privilege of being able to do things like this.

I planted garlic which is doing well. Can’t wait to try some fresh out of the garden. It will be ready by the spring. I am finding as the chickens are getting older that some are not chickens but roosters! I have 2 so far. I get an egg every other day as most are not quite mature yet. I have been allowing my pup Esther to go in with me so she will get used to them and them her. But all she wants to do is eat their droppings. YUCK. I have a chicken poop eating dog! Maybe she lacks something in her diet or she just likes the taste. I hope she out grows this. Esther has become a wonderful companion. She helps carry things for me and has become a part of our family. I would like to find more  ways of training her to be a work dog. She is a blessing.

My husband and I have started working on building a porch. We have cut 9 oak logs so far and will be doing more. It is exciting to be able to use what the Lord has provided on our land to build with. I will post some pics soon so you can see the progress. Things continue to move along. We will be enjoying , Lord willing aThanksgiving dinner on Thursday which should be great. We will have a few visitors joining us.  For all those on the American side have a blessed thanksgiving.

The Lord continues to show me His grace and mercy. I am learning indeed to be content in all things. ( there will be a test I am sure) I am thankful for the wisdom that is imparted from those who teach and guide me. This has been and continues to be an incredible journey in which separation continues and His grace abounds.


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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1 Response to Canning, chicken poop and a porch

  1. Beth says:

    Hi Deblyn;

    Thank you for sharing what you’ve been busy with. Your dog, kennel, chicken coop/yard; plus the chickens all look great. You do nice work. Yes, canning meats including turkey; is a wonderful provision. I just bought a 23 lb. frozen turkey today, to can later. I see up here that Festival foods and Quillins IGA didn’t even list their per pound price on Turkey….just said bring in an ad that’s cheaper and we’ll match or beat it. I got mine at Woodman’s for 89 cents/lb……not quite the TX deal you folks are getting; but better than the everyday price. Maybe after the holiday the prices will drop; if so, I’ll stock up more then. Already have alot of turkey canned; but can always use more!

    Our son’s dog sneaks into the furnace room and eats the cat litter occasionally……Yuck too! I have a baby gate on those stairs going down to prevent it, but occasionally when it’s open and I’m down there folding clothes or distracted doing other chores, he manages to sneak in a taste….gross!

    I pray your dog will learn to see the chickens as his farm-mates and not an opportunity for his next meal. Some say their dogs learn to even help herd the chickens into the coop at night, but don’t threaten them in any way. How have you read/seen/learned how to train that character into a dog?,….. if you have. Nice to hear you are enjoying his help and companionship thus far, Debbie.

    Your porch project sounds exciting! Will pray for you that the wood dries nicely and that the project proceeds as you desire, Lord willing. A porch would make a nice winter windbreak, plus extra storage/living space. We just started burning wood for heat the other day in our new woodstove, that we purchased this spring; it’s so nice and cozy. Much more efficient than our old stove! Down in the 20’s-30’s now with snow on it’s way. Just starting to sleet some as I type this.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and meal!


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