Time for change!


Sometimes in life when bad things happen the Lord uses it for good, always. It brings Him glory and it blesses His children.

I got sick around the end of May or so. Not sure what you’d call it. Many women had it. Terrible coughing, extreme tiredness, sinus and overall yuckyness. I was sick for 5 weeks.

What happened was I was very busy working one week and didn’t sleep well for 2 nights.  On the Tuesday I believe, I was exhausted and had finished make a very to die for chocolate dessert for one of my clients. Well I sat down for a minute and had a very small piece of the cake. I mean small. It was very rich!

In twenty minutes after eating the cake, I started coughing and didn’t stop for almost 3 weeks.  Obviously I had times were I didn’t cough but not much. Sometimes it was an all night event.

I made it to the couch by week 3 and even did a bit of what I call couch art. I tried to do one a day. I couldn’t walk much as my legs couldn’t handle much.  When I did start walking it took me a while to get my strength back.

During this time of much thought about my health and thinking about what would God want to teach me through all this. MUCH! I had realized that I was not glorifying God in my eating habits or my taking care of body health wise. I also realized that as a wife I have a duty to take care of myself and not let myself go.  The Lord showed me that I was to Glorify Him in all aspects of my life.

I had let my health go. Mind you, I don’t get sick very often and am very active ,but not as I should be. God wants my all. Not bits and pieces.  Christ gave His all for me. Should I give Him a pittance. No He requires All!

I made the decision while I was sick that I would be serious about my health. My marriage and my faith.

So for the last three months I have changed my eating habits and changed how I view my reasons for eating.

I cut out all unnatural sugars, all pasta, potatoes, rice beans and grains.

What do you eat ? I can hear you say, rather loudly! Lol. I eat meat, all veggies and most fruit. I also eat eggs, nuts ( cashews, almonds , pecans,walnuts and macadamia).  I try to eat extra oils. Coconut, grass fed butter . And lots of water!

This has changed my life! I feel better then I did in my thirties! More energy, clarity. My skin, hair and nails are better. Everything is better. I do take supplements and have for a long time. I also take cbc oil, and try to get in a morning shake with coconut milk, which contains, flax seed, bee pollen, chia seeds and honey.

It took me about two months to overcome my sugar cravings.  I loved chocolate!

Anyway that is behind me and I am thankful for the Lord opening my eyes to see what I was doing to myself and to my husband. If your married, your not alone in your actions. Your husband is reaping your decisions to. Big 2×4 to my head! Ouch!

I have lost over 30 pounds so far and I am sure my body will stabilize when it’s done getting rid of fat and toxins.

I pray that if anyone can relate to this that you too will not wait until you get sick or worse!  But even then, may God show you how you can glorify Him in your life, in all things. Even your eating 🙂









About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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4 Responses to Time for change!

  1. Vicky says:

    what an amazing story Debylin, thanks for sharing, it is very encouraging to hear that you are feeling so much healthier after cutting out all those foods. It is all too easy to fall into convenience eating isn’t it? we need to examine every area of our life constantly to check that we are giving all Glory to our Heavenly Father and something as basic as eating is often overlooked. Very thought provoking. Praying God’s best for you in your journey.

  2. Debylin says:

    thankyou vicky

  3. Giedre Sulluvan says:

    Hello Debylin!! Discovered your blog just few days ago. I live in Ireland. Your situation you described here sounded a bit familiar to mine. But because I live…how to find right words…maybe unseparated life, we live in town and try to grow few veg, I work in local school etc…I sometimes just don’t know how to handle some health problems, cause doctors most the time like to fill you with pills, and other so called health gurus will never ever stop giving new advice sometimes contradicting their old advice. To make story short I heard of Ketogenic diet, it bothered me cause people who wrote about it weren’t believers. But as you said I experienced similar things like good energy, clear head etc. But few months ago I started to have doubts, because in the Bible various grains, lentils ( not potatoes though ;-)) are mentioned so many times. I agree 100%on cutting sugar etc, but grains….if you have a chance Debylin, could you share what thoughts or Bible verses lead you to a decision to cut grains from your diet. Cause it would be so interesting to here.

    • Debylin says:

      Giedre, hello. I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland as that’s where my great grandpa came from. As for me not doing grains, it is because it turns to sugar when made into bread or other products.
      Also beans, lentils and rice. For me it’s the sugar. For others it could be that the bread doesn’t digest well. Organic wheat or other grains are better but for me it’s the sugar. Now sourdough bread is something that digests better. Wonderful recipes at Nourishingdays.com This Lady is from our community and has wonderful recipes for breads, ferments. I hope that helps. Biblically yes bread is considered the staff of life which represents Christ. Bread was different back then as far as it health properties.

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