Random pics and thoughts

20170627_190317Flake and Rusty. Rusty looking to the heavens. No not really.  Looking for birds. 20170627_190631Rusty when he was little. Might be a painting.


My handsome son and his beautiful girlfriend!


Two precious girls in my community that were visiting.

These pictures represent just a piece of my life. A precious piece. I have pieces that if each one were beautiful stones they would fill a bag. A bag full of memories and its grows each day. The Lord gives us these precious stones that remind us that we are blessed and His love for us is real and more precious then all the stones that I could gather in my lifetime. May He reveal this to you and guide you to Himself as He is the great cornerstone.

About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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