On My Own (Butchering Chickens) !

First off I am going to say that I am no expert, as you will find out!  I had 6 extra roosters that needed to go.  My husband picked up a fifty pound bag of grower feed and I decided that when that bag was finished it was time for them to be taken care of.

I can honestly say the bag went way to fast! But the day came  and it was time. My husband had to work that day and offered to help me with the butchering. I declined. It was time I put on my big girl pants as some would say and do it on my own.

First thing early in the morning I went to the coop and took out the roosters and put them in a big dog cage I have. Much easier to get them out of there versus the coop.

The night before I had looked up various ways of butchering. Most are the same except one, which I thought interesting. The young women had a very kind and humane way of butchering and I liked it. So I thought I would give it a try.  She placed the chicken in her lap and wrapped her apron tightly around the chicken and held it in with her knees. She then stroked the chicken’s head and could feel the chicken calm right down. When she felt the chicken calm down she slit the throat by the jugular. The chicken still calm bled out. She then just twisted the neck and it broke. That was all I saw.

I decided I would go this route.  So got everything ready.

  1. cleaned my table
  2. made sure knife sharp
  3. paper towels, 2 buckets one for cleaning and one with ice and apple cider vinegar (with the mother) for killing any bacteria.

a chair

  1. bucket for waste

I then put on my apron and reached in the cage and pulled out my first rooster.  I kept saying I can do this! I knew I would but my heart racing just the same. I don’t mind cleaning or doing anything when somethings dead. But killing , that’s a different story.

I was raised with chickens and other animals so none of this was new to me. Except that It was me doing the hard part.  Any way, rooster in hand I sat down and put the chicken between my legs and wrapped him in my apron, just like the lady did, and held him tightly until he calmed down. I took a deep breath and cut his throat. I sat there for a few minutes while he bled out and snapped his neck. Okay I thought  this is going okay.  I then cut his head off.  This is where the fun begins…………

This is the part I didn’t watch! If you’ve ever butchered or saw one done with an axe you know what happens next. I should have known but thought maybe this would be different or the struggle wouldn’t be so great. WRONG! Well he with out his head jumped from my apron and right into the bucket with all the blood!  I held him in there so he wouldn’t take off.

Heart pounding I thought okay this isn’t going to work.  Roosters are stronger even when dead! and their feet more dangerous. Sigh… So  I decided to go the axe route.

I won’t go into detail with that as it is not different from others, except I put a bungee  cord around the log to hold the chicken tight.  With 3 done only three more to go.  I reached in for my fourth and I think they knew what was coming as one flew out right out from under my arm. That left two. I can honestly say that was okay.

The hardest one to dispatch was a big ole rooster that I was fond of . He had to go though as he was to big for my female chickens. The deeds were done. They all laid on the table and now on to the next process.

5 chickens


Sorry for all the graphic details but this is real life folks on a farm.

Now on to the next steps

  1. remove feet and wings
  2. remove feathers with the skin

I remove the outer skin as I can the meat so don’t want the skin on. When the skin is almost off but the bottom part I cut into the cavity gently to open it up. I want everything to remain intact. I cut around the vent and pull out all the innards in one fell swoop and it all goes together in the bucket.  When this is done I move on to cleaning the chicken good, in the just water bucket, before it goes into the ice water with acv.

Now that all five are done and in the avc ice water I clean up the area. We have fire ants here and its not long before they are swarming around. I clean the axe, dog crate , bucket and rake the ground around where feathers and other things have fallen. I also go and bury the chicken wings feathers and innards.

With a sigh I move on inside to prepare for canning.  My jars are ready , canner ready, I start cutting up the chickens. Meat from legs go in one jar and breasts go in another. Not a lot of meat on these birds so only end up with 7 pints. This is okay with me as it is a provision from God. I put one tsp of Himalayan sea salt in each pint.

I should mention the feet. I sent down the feet to my neighbor as she make a great healthy broth out of them.


chicken feet.jpg


Once the chicken is in the jars they go into the canner and I start the process of pressure canning. I wait until the steam is coming out of the vent pipe and time ten minutes. When that is done I put on the pressure regulator to 15 pounds. I usually do about 13 pounds per pressure.  It takes seventy-five minutes to can pints. I only have one canner load so I now move on to my largest stock pot and it is full of bones that still have a fair amount of chicken on them. My favorite part of canning chicken is the broth. Winter is coming and soup is always a welcome dish.

This is really the longest and yet easiest step. I let the broth cook for at least 12 to 16 hrs.   I want to get all the goodness out of the bones and make sure the meat falls off easy. After this is done its just removing the bones from the pot and putting the broth and chicken in quart jars. I end up with eight jars. Yum! It is the same process as the pints except the duration is different after the timed ten minutes of the vent pipe. The book says at 10 pounds per pressure you cook for 25 minutes for quarts and 20 for pints. But I did 75 because I had meat in it as well, not much but I won’t take chances.



A bit of drama at the beginning but it ended well and I think I am a stronger person for just digging in and getting it done. You might say don’t be a wimp.  I was.  I hope you at least get a chuckle out of my shenanigans and learn something as well. Many times I asked the Lord to help me and He did. Very thankful. Lord willing next time wont be so heart pounding. 🙂

Blessings to You and Yours.



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Pic update. Art and stuff.

Hey y’all hope your doing well. Just a few goings on.

New chicken coop. Had to put the gate around it as my goats were getting into the chicken feed. This allows the chickens to come and go without any issues.


I just recently redid the bathroom. The counter was so small and the closet was useless.


We are in the process of putting a screened in porch. It will have many uses.

20170704_185858Here are a couple Pic a of my dog Esther and I. Also a new addition  rusty.


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Time for change!


Sometimes in life when bad things happen the Lord uses it for good, always. It brings Him glory and it blesses His children.

I got sick around the end of May or so. Not sure what you’d call it. Many women had it. Terrible coughing, extreme tiredness, sinus and overall yuckyness. I was sick for 5 weeks.

What happened was I was very busy working one week and didn’t sleep well for 2 nights.  On the Tuesday I believe, I was exhausted and had finished make a very to die for chocolate dessert for one of my clients. Well I sat down for a minute and had a very small piece of the cake. I mean small. It was very rich!

In twenty minutes after eating the cake, I started coughing and didn’t stop for almost 3 weeks.  Obviously I had times were I didn’t cough but not much. Sometimes it was an all night event.

I made it to the couch by week 3 and even did a bit of what I call couch art. I tried to do one a day. I couldn’t walk much as my legs couldn’t handle much.  When I did start walking it took me a while to get my strength back.

During this time of much thought about my health and thinking about what would God want to teach me through all this. MUCH! I had realized that I was not glorifying God in my eating habits or my taking care of body health wise. I also realized that as a wife I have a duty to take care of myself and not let myself go.  The Lord showed me that I was to Glorify Him in all aspects of my life.

I had let my health go. Mind you, I don’t get sick very often and am very active ,but not as I should be. God wants my all. Not bits and pieces.  Christ gave His all for me. Should I give Him a pittance. No He requires All!

I made the decision while I was sick that I would be serious about my health. My marriage and my faith.

So for the last three months I have changed my eating habits and changed how I view my reasons for eating.

I cut out all unnatural sugars, all pasta, potatoes, rice beans and grains.

What do you eat ? I can hear you say, rather loudly! Lol. I eat meat, all veggies and most fruit. I also eat eggs, nuts ( cashews, almonds , pecans,walnuts and macadamia).  I try to eat extra oils. Coconut, grass fed butter . And lots of water!

This has changed my life! I feel better then I did in my thirties! More energy, clarity. My skin, hair and nails are better. Everything is better. I do take supplements and have for a long time. I also take cbc oil, and try to get in a morning shake with coconut milk, which contains, flax seed, bee pollen, chia seeds and honey.

It took me about two months to overcome my sugar cravings.  I loved chocolate!

Anyway that is behind me and I am thankful for the Lord opening my eyes to see what I was doing to myself and to my husband. If your married, your not alone in your actions. Your husband is reaping your decisions to. Big 2×4 to my head! Ouch!

I have lost over 30 pounds so far and I am sure my body will stabilize when it’s done getting rid of fat and toxins.

I pray that if anyone can relate to this that you too will not wait until you get sick or worse!  But even then, may God show you how you can glorify Him in your life, in all things. Even your eating 🙂









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Unending Renovations

What I’ve been working on.
The bathroom.
Was not enough counter space, closet useless.
Now more counterspace,can hang my dresses and shelves to get me organized. I used a gigsaw to cut the closet in half. Used the materials I removed from the closet and medicine cabinet. Added, pine shelves, paint,( which is kinda loud but it’s what I had) and voila. I should have taken pictures before. Also worked on the hopefully soon to be screened in porch.1497399509687-20657561381497399587287-9802276661497399647355-822877174

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The truth verses the struggle.

I don’t struggle with the truth. The truth is sure. The truth is hope. This I’m sure of.

I still struggle. Like a caterpillar trying to shed it’s cocoon that hinders it from flight and freedom.

The struggle is within myself.  I hold to the hope of my salvation. I pray for the mercy of my creator, Lordwilling my God. My peace I know is found in Him.

I know fault lays with me. My search needs to be more diligent. Needs to be more fixed on the glory of God and not myself.  The flesh is weak! I have hope. We are told to examine  ourselves, to make our calling and election sure.

I love the life that the Lord has allowed. The community of people that surrounds me.  The dependence of waiting and trusting on the Lord for His provisions. It is hard sometimes as the flesh is weak.  I am so blessed!

I still struggle. The war is real and the battle can be wearysome.  The promises of God will continue and I will continue to seek His Face.

Help me Lord to take hold of your promises and hold fast to your truth!

May He continue to guide His elect to the promiseland!

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Sometimes in the quiet of the night I awaken,

I think of you often,

Sometimes my prayers are just for you,

You are missed,

Sometimes I want to see you in front of me,

Great big hugs I want to give,

Sometimes I cry,

My love for you is forever,

Sometimes I feel blessed because of you,

I will love you forever and for always…. My Sons…The Boys and I


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Lots of Babies

We have been very busy here on the peck . Lots of chicks and kids being born.  We have 3 mom’s with chicks and one that is still sitting on eggs.

Also our two dairy goats have finally kidded. 4 girls and two boys.  Mila gave birth to 4! They were all pretty small thankfully or it would have been really hard on her. I ended up giving the boys away as mom did not have enough milk for all for. So now there are 7 females and one male.  One female and the male hang out in a separate  yard. They have freedom to roam the another fenced area for grass. All are doing well.  Always a busy time of year.

Lord willing will get a pig in June to raise for meat. We haven’t made our final decision yet.  I’m still in the process of building more stable like doors for the goats. After that will hoping to finish our summer porch.  All in Gods time.

Very thankful for all He has allowed us to do. Always praying that we are being dutiful to the Lord and reminding ourselves daily that He is in control.

Our journey continues…..

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