Unending Renovations

What I’ve been working on.
The bathroom.
Was not enough counter space, closet useless.
Now more counterspace,can hang my dresses and shelves to get me organized. I used a gigsaw to cut the closet in half. Used the materials I removed from the closet and medicine cabinet. Added, pine shelves, paint,( which is kinda loud but it’s what I had) and voila. I should have taken pictures before. Also worked on the hopefully soon to be screened in porch.1497399509687-20657561381497399587287-9802276661497399647355-822877174

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The truth verses the struggle.

I don’t struggle with the truth. The truth is sure. The truth is hope. This I’m sure of.

I still struggle. Like a caterpillar trying to shed it’s cocoon that hinders it from flight and freedom.

The struggle is within myself.  I hold to the hope of my salvation. I pray for the mercy of my creator, Lordwilling my God. My peace I know is found in Him.

I know fault lays with me. My search needs to be more diligent. Needs to be more fixed on the glory of God and not myself.  The flesh is weak! I have hope. We are told to examine  ourselves, to make our calling and election sure.

I love the life that the Lord has allowed. The community of people that surrounds me.  The dependence of waiting and trusting on the Lord for His provisions. It is hard sometimes as the flesh is weak.  I am so blessed!

I still struggle. The war is real and the battle can be wearysome.  The promises of God will continue and I will continue to seek His Face.

Help me Lord to take hold of your promises and hold fast to your truth!

May He continue to guide His elect to the promiseland!

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Sometimes in the quiet of the night I awaken,

I think of you often,

Sometimes my prayers are just for you,

You are missed,

Sometimes I want to see you in front of me,

Great big hugs I want to give,

Sometimes I cry,

My love for you is forever,

Sometimes I feel blessed because of you,

I will love you forever and for always…. My Sons…The Boys and I


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Lots of Babies

We have been very busy here on the peck . Lots of chicks and kids being born.  We have 3 mom’s with chicks and one that is still sitting on eggs.

Also our two dairy goats have finally kidded. 4 girls and two boys.  Mila gave birth to 4! They were all pretty small thankfully or it would have been really hard on her. I ended up giving the boys away as mom did not have enough milk for all for. So now there are 7 females and one male.  One female and the male hang out in a separate  yard. They have freedom to roam the another fenced area for grass. All are doing well.  Always a busy time of year.

Lord willing will get a pig in June to raise for meat. We haven’t made our final decision yet.  I’m still in the process of building more stable like doors for the goats. After that will hoping to finish our summer porch.  All in Gods time.

Very thankful for all He has allowed us to do. Always praying that we are being dutiful to the Lord and reminding ourselves daily that He is in control.

Our journey continues…..

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The Journey continues



So much has happened since my last  post. Building continues and gardens are amended.

It is this way spiritually as well.  The building of faith, and our faith tested and amended by the word.

I’m so thankful for the life I have in this precious community.  Things continue to change as we grow in unity and fellowship.

The Children are getting older here and it is a pleasure to see. God is working in all of our live’s. Strengthening, challenging us and guiding us to obedience.  Thankful for the vision we have to the glory of Christ.

May the Lord continue His work in us and help us to seek His face in Truth and mercy.

Until next time…..


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I have been having some issues with getting on here but I believe I finally have it worked out. Very thankful for this. So much is going on ,on the Peck homestead.  Hoping to get back to writing and adding pictures of the journey.   I’m excited I hope you are!

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I think I’m back

image image image image image image image image image image image image image imageIm trying out a new keyboard for my ipad and it seems to be working. I have missed blogging It was very theraputic for me. I’ll just post some pics to up date ya’ll and get to the Lord willing good stuff in a bit. This days are very busy for me as i am working and trying to get our homestead build and ready to go. We have come along way in 5 years but still have a long way to go. The Lord has been very gracious to us and has blessed us beyond measure.
I hope you will continue the journey with me as I make my way along the narrow path.

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