Just A Day In The Life Of Me Here In The Community

Ever wonder what we do here in the community, us women that is? I thought I would give an example of just a  day here for me.

I’ll keep it plain and simple:

6:45 Woke up

6:46 Put water on to boil for tea

6:55 Got dressed

7:00 Said goodbye to my husband and I went to the field to weed

9:30 Took a tea break and had some cereal

10:00 Went back out to weed

12:15  Finished weeding so decided to do up the dishes

12;:30 Cleaned the filters in our Berkey water system

1:00 Washed a load of my white laundry and blankets (by hand of course and hung out to dry)

2:30 Put away dishes

2:40 Filled up the Berkey with fresh water

2:45 Sat down in order to write some of this list and get a cold drink of ice water. Also read some of Stephen Charnock book Christ Crucified.

3:00 Went through all my material and kept only what I will be needing right away and put the rest in storage. Don’t like clutter!

3:15Walked over to the community center  to sew a plain jumper and ended up talking with Kelly and Carol Sustaire for a bit about hoop hoes verses regular hoes.

4:30 Finished the sewing and went back home and noticed the Bunkers Chickens were free ranging so I ended up giving them some of our left over food.

4:35 Went out and got the clothes of the line…. nice and crisp and good smelling.

4:50 Finished folding the laundry and putting it away and decided to make a spinach avocado omelet for supper the spinach came from the Bunkers garden… yumm.

5:10 Everything is ready to prepare for supper, now just to wait a bit longer before my husband gets home. So I decided to sew up the neckline of my jumper while I wait. Then decided I  better spruce up a bit before he gets home. It is always nice let him now you care how you look for him.

5:50 Starting to cook supper , still waiting for husband.

6:10 Still waiting …….Finished sewing the neckline on my jumper

6:20 He’s home! And we are sitting down to supper and a movie.

7:30  Movies still going… supper was wonderful and I decide to sew the rest of my jumper. All that is needed is the arm holes done.

8:00 Went over to the Bunkers to check out the tarantula spider that Jennifer had. Very cool. Danielle caught it. Also made Mr. Woods his ice cream cone I said I would make for him when he felt better.

8:30 Well I am hot and tired and in need of a nice cool bath

9:00 Ready for bed and now to read some scriptures from  the book of John.

10:00 Well night all.

Okay so not so exciting! But it is a day filled with the blessing and provisions of God. I am thankful that each day I may see the Lord in all that I do and see how He provides for us and allows us to live in community and live separate lives for Him. I am thankful!


About Debylin

The Lord is gracious and is just and I am thankful that He has before the foundations of the World chosen a remnant to call His own.
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3 Responses to Just A Day In The Life Of Me Here In The Community

  1. marie says:

    Dear Debylin, thank you for sharing, it certainly is quieter than racing off to the childcare centre.Much more relaxed though I,d imagine it could be tiring weeding even if it nice out in the fresh air.Do you all only eat 2 meals a day ?Catching up with others would be great while your husband,s working away it can be a long day otherwise. Blessings Marie

    • debylin says:

      Hi Marie, it is a much more relaxed atmosphere. Yet we can be very busy as well. There is a peace about taking care of what God has provided for you. I don’t get online much. Maybe once a week. Most of us eat three meals a day. Sometimes if I am busy I eat only a couple as I get distracted with what I am doing and forget. lol. I don’t get lonely as I have neighbors who visit me or I visit them to lend a hand with what ever is going on. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Dawn says:

    Sounds like a full, unboring day to me. 🙂 I like that picture of the flowers.
    I noticed all the Texas blue bonnets have now disappeared. They stayed around for a little while though. I should have got pictures when I had the chance. :-/

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